‘Absolutely Disgusting’: Megyn Kelly Goes After Ana Navarro Over Invoking Disabled Brother to Defend Keeping ‘Roe’

Indy journalist and top podcaster Megyn Kelly had nothing good to say about CNN contributor and “The View” co-host Ana Navarro after the latter invoked her disabled brother in defense of keeping Roe v. Wade intact.

During the Monday Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, the former Fox News star called out the CNN commentator following her shocking comments Friday in response to the Supreme Court voting 6-3 to uphold a Mississippi law that overturned Roe.

The ruling recognizes that there’s no constitutional right to an abortion and returns the decisions to state legislatures, leaving it up to them to decide how best to proceed with the procedure.

Kelly played Navarro’s comments in which she talked about her “family with a lot of special needs kids.”

“I have a brother who’s 57 and has the mental and motor skills of a 1-year-old,” Navarro said, prompting Kelly to remark that this is the CNN contributor’s “justification for why abortion needs to remain.”

“And I know what that means financially, emotionally, physically, for a family,” Navarro explained.

“And I know not all families can do it. And I have a step-granddaughter who was born with Down syndrome. And you know what? It is very difficult in Florida to get services. It is not as easy as it sounds on paper,” she complained.

“And I’ve got another, another step-grandson who is very autistic,”  she added.  “Who has autism, and it is [inaudible]. And their mothers and people who are in that society, who are in that community will tell you that they’ve considered suicide because that’s how difficult it is to get help. Because that’s how lonely they feel.”

Kelly replied to Ana’s comments in a sarcastic tone, saying, “So, it’s really hard to raise autistic children and therefore abortion needs to remain legal on demand.”

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” Kelly opined. “I too, I have a nephew who’s significantly autistic and he’s amazing. And it has been challenging for his parents. But they put the work in to try to help him with the issues that he’s struggled with.”

“He’s awesome,” she added. “And the suggestion that a better alternative would’ve been to abort him because their life would’ve been easier suggests that she [Navarro] has absolutely no understanding of love. And how it works. And the gift of a child, challenged or not,” Kelly added.


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