Trump sends impeachment warning to 31 House Democrats in districts he won: ‘The American people are going to speak up and speak out about this’

President Donald Trump on Saturday sent a warning of sorts to 31 House Democrats in districts he won in 2016 who seeking reelection next year that most Americans do not support impeachment, meaning they could pay a political price at the polls.

Those members “will have to answer to their constituents come 2020. If you look at the facts, there’s no crime, there’s no witness, there’s no evidence, there’s no victim, President Zelensky said there was absolutely no pressure. I don’t know of any crime that was committed where the actual victim wasn’t aware of it….and, they got the call, they got the meeting, and they got the money,” Trump said on Twitter quoting Jason Meister, an advisory board member of Donald J. Trump for President.

Meister has accused House Democrats of weaponizing the impeachment process and trampling on the Constitution.

“The American people are going to speak up and speak out about this. I think this guarantees Trump’s reelection in 2020,” he said.

The president also shared a tweet from his son, Donald Trump, Jr., who blasted the impeachment.

“Enough! These Democrats in Trump districts said they were with @realDonaldTrump. They lied! – Now now its time to hear from OUR MOVEMENT,” Trump Jr. wrote.

Some House Democrats have already said they won’t vote for articles of impeachment against the president.

Also, recent polling data suggests that moderate Democrat voters and Independents are not as supportive of impeachment as they once were, preferring instead to let voters decide next year if they want to remove Trump from office.

Trump also wrote on Twitter on Saturday: “After watching the disgraceful way that a wonderful man, @BrettKavanaugh, was treated by the Democrats, and now seeing first hand how these same Radical Left, Do Nothing Dems are treating the whole Impeachment Hoax, I understand why so many Dems are voting Republican!”

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