Graham: ‘Some people need to go to jail’ over abuses of FISA court in Trump-Russia probe (Video)

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham skewered former top FBI officials James Comey and Andrew McCabe, among others, for a series of falsifications, omissions, and other abuses of the secret federal court that issues surveillance warrants to the intelligence community.

Graham, whose committee on Wednesday heard testimony from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz regarding his findings that the FBI likely misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court in securing surveillance warrants against a 2016 Trump campaign aide, bluntly said that “people need to be fired and people need to go to jail” in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“[Former Director] James Comey has done more damage to the FBI than anybody since J. Edgar Hoover, McCabe is in that category,” Graham began.

“[Current FBI Director] Christopher Wray, if you’re watching television, you got a mountain to climb. You’ve got to come to the Judiciary Committee and prove to us that you’re gonna change the culture at the FBI.

“Some people need to be fired and some people need to go to jail for what they did because the FBI and the Department of Justice took the law into their own hands, they defrauded the FISA court, they trampled on the rights of [former Trump adviser] Carter Page,” said Graham.

“They surveilled Donald Trump and his campaign, in my view unlawfully,” Graham continued. “The day of reckoning is coming, it’s not here yet.”

After the Horowitz report came out on Monday, Comey took to Twitter to claim that it exonerated him and others at the FBI.

But during testimony, Horowitz said that anyone who had any contact at all with the four FISA warrants issued against Page — which includes Comey and McCabe — were guilty of perpetuating the mistakes and false statements.

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  1. I guess this headline proves that, while he’s obviously a little slow, Graham IS capable of comprehending the situation. The rest of us said this 2 years ago…but better late than never. Problem with Graham is that he SAYS this…but then he’ll vanish until the whole shebang is over. When the dust clears he’ll crawl out of his hole and try to blend back into the (SMALL) gaggle of Republicans who can actually say they fought to defend POTUS The Donald.

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