CNN Shock Poll Finds Massive Decline In Support for Biden Among Hispanics

A stunning new survey from CNN paints an even bleaker picture for President Joe Biden and, by default, his Democratic Party.

Hispanics have long been a massive constituency for the president and Democrats, but the longer he is in office and the farther left the party leans, the more Hispanics they lose.

The poll, from CNN and the SSRS market research polling firm says the “the summer of 2022 is a season of deepening and widespread discontent,” and found that America’s outlook on the nation’s affairs are the worst they’ve been since President Barack Obama first took office in 2009, according to ADN American news.

The report adds:

The poll reports that almost 7 in 10 Americans believe President Joe Biden is out of focus on the nation’s most important issues pressing the nation, and that his numbers have slipped nine points among Hispanic American adults and six points among Black adults.

“Likewise, there’s been a steep drop among people of color, from 41% saying things were going well in the spring to 27% now,” the network reported.

The president’s current, overall approval rating is 38% with a solid 62% disapproving, but his approval for handling key issues such as the economy are at a dismal 30% with inflation even lower at only 25%, the polls said.

The outlet went on to report that 75 percent of Americans think inflation and the skyrocketing cost of living are the most important issues facing their family. And that new figure is stunningly higher than last year’s figure of 43 percent who felt inflation was a major problem.

“The president is also facing crushing resistance from his own party as his approval rating among Democrats have sloped 13 points from 86% to 73%,” ADN America news adds.

“Among his own party members, the president’s numbers on the economy dropped nine points from 71% to 62% and his approval on inflation barely holds the majority of Democrats at 51%,” said the report.

“The public’s perceptions of the economy and of how things are going in the country overall are deeply negative and worsening. Since the spring, the share saying things are going badly for the country has climbed 11 points to 79%, the highest since February 2009, and shy of the all-time worst reached in November 2008 by just four points. That shift comes largely among Democrats. Just 38% of Democrats now say things are going well in the country, down from 61% this spring,” the network reported.

“About 4 in 10 (41%) describe the economy as ‘very poor,’ up 11 points since the spring and nearly doubled since December. As some economists warn of a looming recession, most Americans think the country is already there,” the report continued.

Poll participants expressed angst over the massively rising prices.

One poll participant said, “Prices on everything just keeps getting higher and higher. is it going to stop?” Another added, “I work 40 plus hours and can barely afford to survive. With the price of gas and price of food so high, I don’t see how anyone can have extra money to do anything other than work.” Still another participant said, “Inflation causes so much pain with everything we buy and everything we do.”

Previous surveys have found Biden and Democrats losing ground with Hispanics.

Last summer, Hispanic support for President Joe Biden stood at a respectable 55 percent, but that’s not the case today, according to a May survey from Quinnipiac.

Now, Biden’s support among that demographic has fallen to just 26 percent, a devastatingly low figure for a Democrat president, historically speaking.

Fox News :

Biden has been consistently hitting new lows in the polls for nearly a year.

Young Americans and White men also have low approvals for Biden, at 27% and 29% respectively.

The president’s highest approval ratings are among Americans older than 65 and black Americans, at 45% and 63% respectively. Black Americans are the only demographic in which Biden has a positive approval rating, according to the poll.


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