Rush Limbaugh’s Widow Puts Their Palace-Like Mansion For Sale With Staggering Price Tag

The late Rush Limbaugh was loved by tens of millions of Americans and he has been sorely missed since he passed away from lung cancer in February 2021.

In addition to his fans, he left behind a loving wife, Kathryn, as well as a vast fortune that includes a palatial, Versailles-style Palm Beach, Fla., mansion that he bought for around $4 million in the late 1990s.

Obviously, property values have skyrocketed since then, especially in that area — and especially as Gov. Ron DeSantis has turned the Sunshine State into an oasis of freedom.

But now, Kathryn has quietly put the couple’s estate up for sale — for an eye-popping $175 million, the Daily Mail , adding:

The conservative radio legend, who died in February 2021, snapped up the 24,000-square-foot main house on Palm Beach’s North Ocean Boulevard for $3.9 million in 1998, and has since bought up four neighboring properties to build a 2.7-acre estate, with an asking price of between $150 million and $175 million. 

The mansion, which features its own private beach, was mostly decorated by Rush himself and features a vast salon in the style of the Palace of Versailles and has a main guest suite modeled after the Presidential Suite of the Hotel George V in Paris, the Wall Street Journal reports. 

However, property experts have suggested that this could actually hold the property back as it may be considered a ‘tear down’ to buyers who want a less dated, and more modern home. 

Kathryn, 45, was the radio host’s fourth wife, married in a ceremony that featured a performance by Elton John in 2010. He had no children. The property itself is currently owned by a trust that is linked to Kathryn.

Limbaugh amassed a net worth of around $600 million by the time he passed away. His ex-wife Marta bought a property at 108 Mediterranean Road in 2000, paying $2.3 million at the time. Limbaugh’s trust paid around $450,000 for a home next door, at 1501 North Ocean Blvd., in 1999.

“An Army of One, a book profiling Limbaugh in 2010 by author Zev Chafets, details how the conservative icon largely decorated the estate himself,” The Daily Mail reported.

“It reflects the things and places he has seen and admired,” Chafets wrote. “The house had a vast salon meant to suggest Versailles, nd a massive chandelier in the dining room was a replica of the one in New York’s Plaza Hotel.”

In addition, Limbaugh built his own studio on the property and he broadcast his Monday-Friday show from there for more than 20 years before he died, having left the high-tax and costly environment of New York City. That said, Limbaugh also owned a condo in NYC.

“The mansion also includes hundreds of feet of oceanfront property, as well as a pool and a putting green for golf,” the DM notes. adding:

The Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner was diagnosed with Stage IV advanced lung cancer back in February 2020, hosted his last radio show on February 2 during which he revealed another host was on standby in case his health deteriorated.  

“Well, my friends, that’s it. Yet another excursion into broadcast excellence in the can. Enjoyed being with you today, always do. And look forward to the next time,” he said at the conclusion of the show.

The next morning, however, as his show began, it was Kathryn behind the mic to announced that he had passed.



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