Kayleigh McEnany Blasts Liberal Media After Victimized Minnesota Mom Confronts BLM: ‘Victims Of Crime Matter Too!’

Fox News ‘Outnumbered’ co-host Kayleigh McEnany took aim at the mainstream media on Tuesday for failing to equally cover victims of color following a shooting incident in Minneapolis, Minn., last week.

The media extensively covered the murder of George Floyd by police in May 2020, as well as the ensuing rioting and chaos that lasted for months and reached cities and communities all across the country.

However, as McEnany pointed out, the media have largely ignored the mother of color who confronted Black Lives Matter protesters at her home.

On Tuesday’s show, the former White House press secretary said it’s time for the media to give the same coverage to crime victims that it gives to people killed by police.

The mother, who said she’s a woman of color, screamed at protesters that “this is not a George Floyd situation,” telling them that the black man who was shot by police had fired bullets into her home with her children inside.

“Her quote was, ‘I have Black children. I am a woman of color. If I had lost my life, would you guys have done this for me?’ And I think that she makes a very key point here, that we in the media selectively pick victims,” McEnany said.

“I don’t want to say ‘we,’ I don’t include Fox News or us in that, we cover all things. … The media has a responsibility to cover all of these stories, even ones that don’t fit an ideological agenda in our national leaders as well,” she went on.

“I remember the murder of George Floyd, and I remember watching that video with President Trump, and he was upset by it. He was angry by it. So, too, was I. That was murder. That was an injustice. But there are certain names that he highlighted,” she added.

“David Dorn is one of them, Legend Taliaferro. Their names didn’t make it outside of Fox News. They didn’t. CNN didn’t cover them. MSNBC didn’t cover them because they were victims of crime,” she said (Dorn was a black man and a retired St. Louis Police captain).

“Victims of crime matter too. The murder of George Floyd mattered. Victims of crime matter. So stop picking victims that you care about and start covering injustice when you see it, because this mom with her little baby, bullets coming through her apartment, that deserves coverage,” she said.


Fox News reported earlier:

A Minneapolis mother of two was seen on video confronting protesters who gathered outside of an apartment building where a Black man, Andrew “Teckle” Sundberg, was shot and killed by police last Thursday. 

“This is not a George Floyd situation. George Floyd was unarmed. This is not okay,” the mother, identified as Arabella Foss-Yarbrough, was seen on video yelling at a group of protesters on Saturday. 

Foss-Yarbrough was the neighbor of Sundberg, and said he shot up her apartment Wednesday evening while she was cooking for her 2- and 4-year-old sons, Fox 9 reported. She said the bullets ripped through her apartment, and nearly left her family dead or injured. 

“My kids have to deal with this and probably have a mental illness now because they almost lost their lives. There’s bullet holes in my kitchen because he sat in the f–ing hallway watching me move,” she said while confronting the protesters. “He tried to kill me in front of my kids.”



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