‘Give Me A F***ing Break!’ Watch Megyn Kelly Blister Ocasio-Cortez After She Complains About Being Heckled

Former Fox News host and current top SiriusXM broadcaster Megyn Kelly used her large platform on Monday to rip Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez following a recent incident.

Last week, the Bronx Democrat was heckled by a known conservative provocateur as she made her way up the Capitol steps in Washington, D.C. Among other things, the heckler referred to ‘AOC’ as his “big booty Latina.”

Ocasio-Cortez went on to complain on Twitter about being “unprotected” while at on Capitol grounds, but Kelly took umbrage to that.

The Daily Wire notes:

During a recent Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show,” the  host spoke with guest comedian Andrew Schulz about AOC posting a video complaining about being “unprotected” on Capitol Hill. Kelly noted this is the same woman who was fine when protestors “harassed” Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh while he was “trying to have a steak.”

“She’s [Ocasio-Cortez] a congressional Kardashian,” claimed Kelly. “That’s what she is. She knows exactly how to work the camera.”

Kelly then played a clip of AOC being “heckled” on the steps of Capitol Hill by an individual who described the congresswoman as his “favorite big booty Latina.” The host noted that the person was “definitely doing some harassing” as AOC appeared to criticize the Capitol Police, saying, “this institution is not designed to protect people.”

“Oh my God,” the host replied. “I’m sorry, but give me a f***ing break. You’re a public figure…This is the same woman who was cheering Brett Kavanaugh getting harassed out of his seat at Morton’s [The Steak House],” Kelly said, referring to an incident days ago in which Kavanaugh was forced to leave through the restaurant’s back door after protesters showed up out front.

“So, I don’t give a s*** that she had to hear big booty Latina,” Kelly added. “Every woman on earth has heard that and a thousand times worse.

“And it’s not the Capitol police’s job to run over and police the guy’s words coming out of his mouth. She acts like she’s the only one there who needs to be protected and that every time somebody doesn’t run to interfere, to protect her ego, she’s been let down again by Capitol security,” Kelly continued.

The former Fox News host also said she’s “had it with her nonsense victim claims.”

Kelly closed out the segment noting the hypocrisy of AOC complaining about being heckled when the congresswoman was “totally fine having this done to a guy [Kavanaugh] who just had an assassination attempt on his life. It’s fine for you to do it to him…but she can’t take a couple words about her booty? Spare me!”



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