WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says Colbert Staffers Should Be Treated Like Other Capitol Intruders

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had much to say about the then-breaking story Friday evening regarding the arrest of several staffers who work for late-show TV host Stephen Colbert.

During his monologue, Carlson said that the seven staffers had been arrested Thursday evening after they were discovered to be in an area of the U.S. Capitol where some Republican House members have offices and they were there without proper authorization — unlawful entry, which is what many of the Jan. 6 demonstrators who are still being held without bond and without a court date have been charged with.

Carlson said Colbert’s staffers, too, should be put in “solitary confinement” for a year and a half if authorities are to follow “precedent.”

“Nine individuals were arrested on Thursday night for entering the Longworth House Office Building, which was closed to the public at that point, after they previously had been escorted out of another building for trying to conduct interviews related to the January 6 committee hearings,” The Daily Wire reported. The staffers were found near the offices of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

“We learned that last night producers for Stephen Colbert’s show on CBS committed insurrection at the United States Capitol,” Carlson started off the segment. “The point of them being there was to harass sitting members of Congress — Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert.”

The Fox News host said the Colbert staffers were “charged with unlawful entry into the Capitol complex — now that’s the exact same charge that many January 6 defendants face.”

“We’ll just get right to it: It’s likely that some members of Stephen Colbert’s team will be held in solitary confinement for a year and a half without being charged,” he asserted. “Why? Because this is an insurrection.”

“Joking aside,” Carlson continued, “how could they not be held for a year and half in solitary confinement without being charged? Because the precedent is in place. And how in the world can Adam Schiff, again, who spent the last year and a half eliminating the civil liberties of Trump voters on the basis of January 6, do the exact same thing and not face punishment?”

Some Republicans have accused staffers who work for Schiff, a California Democrat, of letting Colbert’s staffers in the Capitol, the Daily Wire reported. WUSA9  last year that certain January 6 defendants are being held in jail without bond before their trials.



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