Dana Loesch Ratios Rep. Jerry Nadler After He Claims Firearms Don’t Increase Safety For Women

Former NRA spokeswoman and current national podcast and radio host Dana Loesch took Rep. Jerrold Nadler to task after a claim he made during a Thursday hearing about guns.

“There is no research to support the idea that women’s gun ownership increases their safety,” Nadler said on Thursday as lawmakers marked up a package that would raise the age limit for Americans to buy semi-automatic rifles to 21.

In addition, the bill bans gun trafficking, requires that all guns are traceable, places restrictions on high-capacity magazines, and more.

If the Protect Our Kids Act gets the necessary votes, Nadler told reporters Thursday, it will be on the House floor next week. It is unlikely that it would pass the Senate.

“And we’re working on the assault weapons ban,” , “and if we have the votes then we’ll take that to the vote, too.”

Loesch fired back at Nadler in a tweet that listed several stories about women who defended themselves with guns.

“Easy for a man protected by guns to mansplain to women that we should disarm,” she said.

“Victim of Violent Home Invasion Speaks; Credits Wife With Saving His Life With AR-15,” says one headline referenced by Loesch.

“911 CALL: ‘I just killed him,’ woman won’t face charges after deadly shooting,” reads another about a woman who shot and killed her husband in self-defense.

Another of Loesch’s headlines said: “Woman fights back, shoots suspect after 5 men try to rob her at ATM.”

“Nadler wants more Carol Brownes,” Loesch added, linking to the story “Woman Killed While Waiting for Gun Permit for Protection” about Carol Brownes, a woman stabbed to death outside her apartment as she waited for a gun permit to protect herself against the very man who allegedly killed her.

“Mansplain to these women,” Loesch, also a Second Amendment advocate, added, before linking to eight more stories about women who defended themselves with guns.


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