Biden Set to Issue Gun Control Edict Targeting ‘Ghost Guns’: Report

(USA Features) President Joe Biden is expected to issue his first executive order regarding firearms on Thursday, reports said.

The order is expected to target so-called “ghost guns” by requiring Americans who purchase gun kits to undergo a criminal background check like firearms manufacturers have to do, according to Politico.

Executive actions from Biden on guns were expected.

“I think he sees it as vital to take steps on two tracks because congressional legislation obviously has a more permanent, lasting impact. Executive actions are, of course, an important lever that every president has at their disposal,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said last month.

She also said that executive actions only part of it and that Biden has “lots of levers” he can utilize to further regulate guns without congressional input or approval.

Ghost guns are those that lack serial numbers or are makeshift. Many experts say, however, that they make up a tiny fraction of guns otherwise legally obtained by Americans.

“Other executive actions remain unclear,” Politico reported. “But stakeholders have speculated that the president could announce regulations on concealed assault-style firearms; prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence against their partners; and federal guidance on home storage safety measures.”

The order comes as firearms sales have been skyrocketing amid spikes in violent crime in major cities.

Nevertheless, 100 Democrats wrote to Biden last week urging him to take action on classes of weapons including concealable semi-automatic rifles.

“The administration has been working hard from Day One to pursue actions to reduce gun violence,” a senior administration official said recently, Politico reported. “We understand the urgency. No one understands the urgency more than the president and are looking forward to rolling out some of the initial actions we can take.”

Biden has also pledged congressional action on guns but with the House only narrowly controlled by Democrats and the Senate evenly divided at 50-50, legislative prospects aren’t good.

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