Keith Olbermann Officially Becomes The Worst Person In the U.S.

Once upon a time, Keith Olbermann was a decent sports broadcaster and personality, but then he took a hard left into the realm of politics.

That eventually landed him at the hard-left media capital of the world, MSNBC, where his acerbic personality and hot takes eventually led to him being canned, which is not easy to do at that network.

Now, he has officially earned the moniker of “Worst Human In the U.S.” after he attacked a homeschooling mother on Mother’s Day.

“Imagine putting ‘homeschool mom’ in your bio and not understanding you’ve just ruined the lives of five innocent children,” the left-wing former host tweeted Sunday in response to a tweet by mother of five Bethany Mandel after she criticized Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt.

Fox News added:

Mandel, a conservative writer and editor for the children’s book series Heroes of Liberty, had responded to attacks from Schimdt on the late-Arizona Sen. John McCain, his daughter Meghan McCain and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, by calling him a “narcissistic lunatic” for bragging about “intimidating” the elder McCain in an encounter prior to his death.

“What an empty life this man lives. This is how we live ours,” Mandel said later in a response to Olbermann, mocking his criticism, while including photos of her family spending time together outdoors.

“I love that my two year old (green hoody) is jump walking, her feet off the ground in this shot. That’s how she lives her life,” she added.

When asked for additional comment on Olbermann’s remarks, Mandel pointed to what she called the “severe academic disadvantage” her children would be in if they attended public school in their home county in Maryland.

“If my kids went to public school where I live, they would be at a severe academic disadvantage. They would have spent over year on Zoom and then tried to learn how to read with their and their teacher’s mouths covered as they learned letter sounds,” she told Fox News Digital.

“Instead, they go to museums and have 1:1 instruction with the most caring and loving teacher possible: their mom. My kids are extraordinarily lucky to be homeschooled,” she added.


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