Guest on MSNBC Falsely Claims Trump Was ‘Installed’ As President

A far-left writer who appeared as a guest on MSNBC this week made the demonstrably false claim that former President Donald Trump was “installed” as president instead of being duly elected.

Sarah Kendzior made her claim during a Saturday appearance on “The Cross Connection,” going on to say that his purpose was to serve as a “bulldozer” to alliances that prevented Russian President Vladimir Putin from realizing his foreign policy goals while also engaging in corruption to undermine the Constitution, Fox News Monday.

“Trump was installed as the President of the United States in order to weaken the alliances that were preventing Putin from achieving his goals; alliances like NATO, our relationship with our European partners, our relationship with Ukraine,” Kendzior told host Tiffany Cross.

“Trump was put in as a bulldozer, and he was also put in … as a bulldozer to the Constitution, to our system of checks and balances, to our system of institutional trust, and the unwillingness of people in the United States to confront the brokenness of those institutions, whether through financial corruption in recent years, or age-old systemic problems like the endemic racism that holds our country up, has contributed to that,” she further claimed.

She did not elaborate on her ‘installed’ claim; Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by capturing 304 electoral votes to her 227. Clinton did win more popular votes, however.

Cross did not challenge Kendzior’s claims, Fox News noted.

A survey released in mid-January, however, found that a 2016 rematch between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2024 would result in a double-digit victory for Trump.

Newsmax reported:

Hillary Clinton faces long odds in trying to win the Democrat presidential nomination for a second time, let alone the general election, according to a new McLaughlin and Associates survey.

Clinton, defeated by then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016, loses a rematch 51% to 41%, the McLaughlin poll found. That’s only slightly better (51%-40%) than Vice President Kamala Harris would do against Trump.

“Buyer’s remorse for President Trump is as strong as ever. President Trump dominates the potential GOP primary field,” Pollster John McLaughlin told the Washington Examiner.


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