Here It Is: Value Of Tim Allen’s Classic Custom Cadillac Revealed After Auction Sale

You may not have known it, but comedian and actor Tim Allen kind of has a thing for certain cars.

Like older Cadillacs and Ford GTs.

According to Fox News, the “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” actor “hit a triple” with the former, a 2000 model Caddy that he had customized by the manufacturer:

A 2000 Cadillac DeVille customized by the comedian was auctioned online this week for a surprising price.

Allen collaborated with Cadillac on the car, which features a V8 engine modified to increase its power from 300 hp to 398 hp.

The performance car fan also had the brakes and suspension upgraded and added a few original styling touches including a grille and rocker panel extensions of his own creation.

2000 Cadillac DeVille

The outlet went on to report that the Caddy is cherry: It only has 13,400 miles on it and had been part of the collection at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles since 2018. The vehicle was listed on the Cars & Bids auction website.

“According to, the going rate for a typical 2000 DeVille is around $10,000, but Allen’s went for a fair bit more,” Fox News .

“After 26 bids over the course of a few days, the final sale price was $35,500, more than triple the average and the highest price paid for one on a major online auction for the past five years,” the network added.

But that’s not the former “Toy Story” star’s biggest car sale in recent months, not by a long shot.

“Last year, Allen auctioned his 2017 Ford GT supercar, which originally cost $485,500, for an even $1 million on the Bring a Trailer website,” Fox News noted.

Allen made headlines recently with the announcement of a new show.

The show is called “More Power” — derived from his early stand-up days — and it airs on The History Channel Wednesdays at 10ET/9CT. The first episode aired earlier this month.

“Tim Allen and Richard Karn are back in the shop to continue their quest for More Power. With the help of DIY Expert April Wilkerson, they’re putting all kinds of tools to the test. The trio will tackle one tool-centric theme per episode and celebrate the coolest, most powerful and iconic examples of each tool—testing their limits in a way that only Tim can,” The History Channel noted.

Karn starred with Allen on the long-running beloved comedy “Home Improvement.”

“Along the way, they’ll open the doors to Tim’s workshop and invite some of the most skilled makers from around the country to show off their creations before then heading out on field trips to play with the biggest machines that keep our world working,” the network said.

“Originally started with the executive producer, Kate Fox,” Allen said regarding the new show.

“She and I put together a show a long, long time ago. That was the precursor to ‘Last Man Standing,’” he added, another hit comedy that aired on ABC and later FOX, which ended last year.

“We were coming up with an idea, she and I, of how to support and acknowledge the people that do the things that do, the things that fix the things that make the things, it’s all the way down,” he continued.

“The people that don’t have a political advantage or disadvantage, they just get the job done.”

His co-star Karn said: “We do fall into old patterns, but what’s wonderful is that we’ve had some years, you know, where we weren’t in that pattern and new things have happened and new ways of communicating.

“And boy, do we love to communicate. We love to argue with each other.”


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