CLIP: Trump Rips ‘Fool’ Piers Morgan When He Says 45 ‘Lost’ 2020 Election

Former President Donald Trump engaged in fiery back-and-forth with British journalist Piers Morgan during a recent interview, a clip of which was posted on Wednesday.

Morgan shared a clip that only showed snippets of his interview with Trump and it appears that things got heated quickly.

At one point, Morgan told Trump in the face-to-face interview that he “lost” the 2020 presidential election.

Trump fired back: “Only a fool would think that.”

“You think I’m a fool?” Morgan responded snidely.

“I do now, yes,” Trump replied.


Not long after the clip went viral on social media, Trump’s team provided audio to Breitbart News appearing to reveal that Morgan and his team deceptively edited the video to make it look like he walked out of the interview, when he did not.

“This is a pathetic attempt to use President Trump as a way to revive the career of a failed television host,” Taylor Budowich, Trump’s communications director, told Breitbart News. “It is also another example of President Trump being right, as he told Piers Morgan that the host was dishonest to his face, and Piers, for the first time in his life, didn’t disappoint.”

Conservative podcaster and author Candace Owens also came to the former president’s defense.

NBC is now to defending Trump— that’s how deceptive, disgusting and appalling is. For the record, when I interviewed Trump he also said “turn the cameras off” once the interview concluded. Only an absolute desperate hack would misrepresent that statement for ratings,” she wrote on Twitter.

Breitbart added:

Trump spent more than an hour with Morgan, and the way the promo clip cuts together what it calls “Morgan Versus Trump” moments to promote the interview which will air on this coming Monday night is particularly deceptive. Most of those moments had nothing to do with the election issue at all, and the full audio of the last bit of the interview shows that Trump standing up and walking away and saying “turn the camera off” came after Morgan ended the interview and thanked Trump for a “great interview.”

The audio file obtained by Breitbart News, which is about seven and a half minutes long, begins with Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich interjecting into the middle of the interview to tell Morgan to wrap it up. “We’re an hour in,” Budowich says. “We need to wrap.”

Morgan responds by begging for more time with Trump. “Just a few quick questions and then—” Morgan says. “Thank you,” Budowich responds.


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