WATCH: Is Durham Going After Former FBI Officials Next?

Special counsel John Durham’s likely next move is to hone in on a trio of former FBI officials, according to Kash Patel, a onetime congressional investigator for House Intelligence Committee Republicans who uncovered the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, Patel, who also served as a leading national security official for former President Trump, said that “all roads lead to Andy McCabe…and the ‘lovebirds’…concocting an ‘insurance plan’ in August of 2015, and I think [Special Counsel] John Durham knows what that insurance plan is.”

McCabe is a former FBI deputy director fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions; the ‘lovebirds’ are former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Stzrok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

The trio “led the biggest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history” in an attempt to take down Trump, Patel said, adding that Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton participated in the “biggest disinformation campaign in U.S. history.”

BizPac Review notes:

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, who interviewed Patel on the latest developments in Durham’s byzantine probe on “Sunday Morning Futures,” showed text messages from the so-called lovebirds, i.e., ex FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, in which the latter reassures the former that an insurance policy existed to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president in 2016.

“I remind the audience that’s in August of 2016 when they were digesting the Steele dossier, when they were running with the Alfa-Bank server nonsense, and when they were getting ready to go to the FISA court,” Patel said.

“This trio, who led the biggest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history, I believe is in the crosshairs of John Durham, and that’s what’s coming next…he has their own words, putting them on blast in the FBI’s corruption,” he added.

Patel said he expects the trial of Clinton campaign lawyer Michal Sussmann, a former partner at the Perkins Coie law firm, to wrap up this week.

He also suggested that Page and Strzok may be cooperating in the Sussmann case, which would explain why Durham did not raise the issue of a conflict of interest in that the wife of the presiding judge in the Sussmann case is reportedly representing Page.

“Not only was the Steele dossier line of effort totally fraudulent, but so was the Alfa-Bank server effort, and Hillary Clinton knew about it, and she authorized it, and spent tens of millions of dollars pushing it to the FBI, the DOJ, and the media, and corrupting the world, and putting out the biggest disinformation campaign in U.S. history,” Patel told Bartiromo.

“Hillary Clinton already admitted to violating the [Federal Election Commission] for spending those millions of dollars on opposition research instead of politics. And, yes, our investigation in Russia-gate showed she spent north of $50 million to $100 million pumping money into Perkins Coie so they could have a cutout, just like the FBI had a cutout…they could basically get a warrant and then leak to the media to have circular logic approve their fraudulent investigation,” Patel insisted.

He noted further that more indictments from the Durham investigation are on the way.