Pelosi Has Words For GOP Lawmakers Who Heckled Biden During SOTU

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday gave her opinion of GOP members of the chamber who heckled President Joe Biden during his State of the Union Address earlier this week.

The California Democrat responded to catcalls from Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado, both of whom hollered out at Biden at various points in his speech.

In particular, Pelosi said that she wanted the two Republicans to “shut up” in a press conference with reporters:

Pelosi: “Yes, ma’am.”

REPORTER: “Madam Speaker, we saw the State of the Union, no masks there. We saw the guidance come down on Capitol Hill. Is it time to reopen the Capitol to visitors? And could this be the last extension of proxy voting in the House.”

Pelosi: “No, the — that — that’s up to the Capitol physician. We take all of our guidance from there, including opening the House. I think you’ll see an unfolding now of the Capitol opening. It’s — it’s about Covid, and it’s about security. Mostly it’s about Covid, though. And so that will be up to the Sergeant at Arms and it will be up to the Capitol physician, and we just take our guidance from them. I mean, we were very fortunate that they came to the conclusion that all members could participate in — in the State of the Union address but it was up to them. We — we could not make that call. Yeah?”

REPORTER: “Madam Speaker —“

UNKNOWN MALE: “Last question.”

REPORTER: “— on the State of the Union. We did see numerous outbursts from Representative Boebert and Green during President Biden speech. As I’m sure you probably remember, when Congressman Joe Wilson yelled, ‘You lie,’ at President Obama in 2009, the House actually passed a resolution of disapproval on that. We haven’t heard him talk about now, but I’m wondering just what is your reaction to those outbursts? Should they actually be taken in the end? What does it say about —“ [crosstalk]

Pelosi: “Let me just say this, I agree with what Senator Lindsey Graham said, ‘Shut up!’ That’s what he said to them. I think they should just shut up. Thank you all.”

“The disruption came when Biden was speaking about better care for veterans, particularly those suffering from cancers that are believed to be related to exposure to the toxic fumes from burn pits,” Conservative Brief .

During his address on Tuesday night, Biden said: “Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan faced many dangers. One was stationed at bases and breathing in toxic smoke from ‘burn pits’ that incinerated wastes of war—medical and hazard material, jet fuel, and more. When they came home, many of the world’s fittest and best-trained warriors were never the same. Headaches. Numbness. Dizziness. A cancer that would put them in a flag-draped coffin —”

Biden was interrupted by Boebert, who shouted: “You put them in, 13 of them!”

The Colorado Republican was referring to 11 Marines, a U.S. Army soldier and a Navy corpsman who were killed by a suicide bomber outside Kabul’s international airport just a few days before the final U.S. troop pullout. Around 150 Afghanis were also killed.

Boebert also went viral Tuesday at the SOFU address for wearing a black outfit featured three words in gold lettering: “Drill baby, drill” — a criticism of Biden’s reversals of Trump-era policies aimed at developing more U.S.-based fossil fuel, which led to the country becoming energy independent for the first time in decades.


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