Tucker Carlson Isn’t Taking Any Grief From Former Fox Personality Carl Cameron

Fox News star Tucker Carlson has fired back at former network colleague Carl Cameron after the latter appeared to blame him in part for the recent race-related shooting in Buffalo, N.Y.

In an interview Saturday with CNN’s Jim Acosta, Cameron was asked, “Do you think the Murdoch family in charge of Fox will ever pull the plug on Tucker?”

The former Fox Newser compared remarks about certain issues Carlson makes on his shows akin to yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater.

“The fact of the matter is, if you disturb the peace by starting a riot in a movie theater, cops are going to arrest you and you might end up in jail or you might end up in something worse,” Cameron said.

Carlson has come under fire in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Buffalo, in which a young white male appeared to target mostly black patrons, killing 10 of them before surrendering to police. The popular Fox News host is being blamed because he has accused Democrats in the past of wanting to ‘import’ third-world poor to replace American citizens who don’t vote for them and change the demographic landscape, what critics have called a “Great Replacement Theory.”

The shooter was apparently a subscriber to that theory, though he also expressed a disdain for Fox News.

“The president has to be more forceful and sooner or later the law enforcement and the US government is going to have to stop the lying because it’s causing people’s deaths,” Cameron told Acosta.

“It’s not just Fox, it’s social media in general. It’s on the internet. And we have to remember that a good portion of what we read is coming from folks who aren’t Americans, pretending to be Americans in order to gaslight them even worse,” he said.

On his Monday evening show, Carlson fired back while also ripping rhetoric on the left and calling for a ‘de-escalation’ before things get much worse in the country.

‘”Maybe wind up in jail or maybe something worse,'” Carlson began, quoting Cameron. ‘What’s ‘something worse’?”

“We’re not sure what ‘something worse’ is – but it certainly feels like we’re moving toward it at a very high speed at this point,” Carlson warned before ominously adding, “That’s the end point to talk like that – ‘something worse.'”

“Rhetoric has its own internal logic,” he continued. “We’ve experienced it – we can talk ourselves into things. We’ve all done that.”

“Democrats are doing it right now. And what they’re talking themselves into right now, is, quote, ‘something worse.’ It’s scary,” Carlson added.

He then warned: “It is time to pull back, it is time to deescalate – otherwise this is going to get really ugly, really soon.”


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