WATCH: Cruz Spars With Biden Judicial Nominee: ‘Did You Not Prepare For This Hearing?’

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted one of President Biden’s judicial nominees during a hearing Tuesday in which he asked a simple question before the testimony went awry.

Cruz sparred with Kenly Kiya Kato, who is Asian, over past writings in which she justified using race for college admissions.

She attempted to downplay her stance by claiming that she “wrote that years ago,” but when Cruz asked her if she still had the same beliefs today, she appeared to go out of her way to avoid answering the question.

The Conservative Brief adds:

Cruz interrupted her where she actually looked relieved she didn’t have to struggle to cobble together some semblance of a coherent response for those brief seconds.

Kato’s rambling got so bad that Cruz had to literally ask her if she had prepared for the hearing.

Cruz has been on a roll lately during these congressional hearings.

Last month, he ripped Assistant Attorney General Olsen for continuously saying “I don’t know.”

Below is a transcript:

Cruz: “Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Olsen, how many people have been charged with crimes of violence in connection with the events on January 6th?”

OLSEN: “Senator, I’m not sure exactly how many have been charged with crimes of violence. I know that there are —“

Cruz: “OK. How many have been charged with nonviolent crimes.”

OLSEN: “I don’t have the numbers of people charge whether at the state or federal level. I know that they —“

Cruz: “OK. How many people are currently incarcerated concerning the events on January 6th?”

OLSEN: “I don’t know the number of people incarcerated. Again, I know that —“ [crosstalk]

Cruz: “OK. Let me ask you — look, we have limited time, so I don’t want you to filibuster. You either know the answer or you don’t. How many people have been placed in solitary confinement concerning the events of January 6th?”

OLSEN: “I don’t have any information about that, senator.”

Cruz: “You know, Mr. Olsen, I will say — Senator Lee just asked you about this, back in June of 2021. Senator Lee and I and two other senators sent a letter to the Department of Justice asking these questions, asking about the differential prosecutions. Let me ask you, during 2020 Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots all across the country, there were over 700 police officers injured by Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots. How many people have been charged with crimes of violence concerning those riots all across the country?”

OLSEN: “I don’t have information if how many — I — I would say, you know, hundreds of people have been charged —“ [crosstalk]

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Cruz: “You would say but — but you don’t know. You know, when we asked you why the Biden Department of Justice has such wildly disparate standards going after January 6 targeting some people who committed crimes of violence, and anyone who commits crimes of violence should be prosecuted, but also targeting a lot of non-violent individuals. We asked you why is it that you won’t target the rioters and terrorist who firebomb cities across this country? The answer we got from the Department of Justice was shameful.

On October 22nd you came back and said, quote, the department has dedicated, investigative, and prosecutorial resources, commensurate with the significance of these events.’ By significance, I guess it means the political benefit to the Biden White House, and I will tell you there are great many Americans who are understandably deeply concerned about the politicization of the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden.

It has been 218 days since we sent you that letter. DoJ refused to answer the letter. Today when Senator Lee and I asked you about it your answer to every damn question is, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. You’re under oath. You may believe at the Department of Justice that you’re unaccountable to the American people, but that is not the case, and the wildly disparate standards are unacceptable.”