Biden polling against Trump worse at this point than Hillary Clinton in 2016

(USA Features) While the Real Clear Politics average of polls has Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump, overall the former vice president is doing worse at this point in the campaign than Hillary Clinton was polling in 2016.

A RealClearPolitics average of polls has Biden leading Trump by 5.9 points, although a Fox News survey released Thursday had the two tied. A Monmouth poll released the day before had Biden up by 4.

“That same Fox News poll had Clinton up by seven at this point in the race in 2016, while a similarly-timed Monmouth poll had her beating Trump by 10. An average of polls through late March to mid-April had her at 8.75 points,” the Washington Examiner reported Friday.

Aside from a single CNN poll, which now appears to be an outlier, Biden hasn’t cracked 50 percent support throughout April.

By contrast, four then-reputable polling firms had Clinton leading Trump with more than 50 percent at this same time in 2016.

In the end, however, nearly all polling — which had Clinton defeating Trump — was incorrect.

A few polling firms, including Rasmussen Reports and the L.A. Times, correctly predicted a Trump victory.

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  1. The Real Clear average of polls on the day before the election had Hillary Clinton up by 3.3.% . SHE won by 2.1 %
    The myth that the polls were way off is both persistent and wrong.

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