Megan Kelly blasts CNN, Don Lemon over ‘objective’ reporting: ‘Who are they kidding’

(USA Features) Television personality Megan Kelly lambasted CNN and host Don Lemon for attempting to claim that he’s an “objective” journalist who fairly reports the issues.

Lemon said Monday night he feels like the fictional character Howard Beale from the 1976 movie “Network,” where the iconic phrase, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” entered the American lexicon.

Lemon took issue with President Donald Trump “taking time to argue with reporters and air his grievances” during a coronavirus press conference briefing in which he was questioned about a Health and Human Services inspector general report noting shortages at hospitals amid the pandemic.

“I have to be honest with you. For the last couple of weeks, when I walk into this building, and I get in front of this camera, I swear I feel like I’m in the movie Network. I feel like Howard Beale,” he said. “Americans are mad as hell. What are you going to — how much more can Americans take?”

Kelly shot back at Lemon on Twitter following the segment.

“CNN still pretends he is an objective news anchor (yeah, sure) while the msm recoils in horror at the bias of Fox/OANN, etc. Who do they think they’re kidding?” she said, using the initials for “mainstream media.”

Lemon is a frequent critic of the president and his administration.

The White House has noted in the past that it isn’t up to the federal government or the White House to dictate to private or public hospitals what they must stock in terms of supplies.

Also, the president himself has pushed back on claims from the media and some Democrats that he’s responsible for coronavirus deaths.


  1. Socialists wish their government to control everything…what one sees, hears, says, eats, drinks, buys…especially what one thinks.

    As long as they are in control…there is but one brand of everything.


  2. The end of civil discourse is the beginning of physical confrontation. Corporate media chose a side in this fight long ago.

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