Limbaugh producer ‘Bo Snerdley’ ramping up outreach to black conservatives with his new PAC

(USA Features) James Golden, a.k.a. “Bo Snerdley,” the producer and director of Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated daily talk radio program, is expanding outreach to black conservatives with a newly-formed political action committee.

Called the New Journey PAC, which was founded in early December, Golden says he’s prepared to “make black Americans Republican again” — or “MAGA Black” for short.

“I’m black, conservative and fired up,” he said, the Washington Times reported.

“Republicans stand for freedom and opportunity for everyone, so Americans of all races can go as far as their dreams and determination will take them. Democrats use and abuse black Americans, destroying the black family and convincing them that they need the heavy hand of government to survive. Enough is enough,” he said in a new public message he released this week.

“It’s time to recover our history, revive our dream and rewrite the destiny of the African American people,” he continued.

“Despite the relentless drumbeat of opposition, I have never seen a more impressive group of African Americans in national leadership than I have under President Trump. Dr. Ben Carson is helping revive our inner cities as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development,” he added.

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“Sen. Tim Scott is providing inspired leadership to his constituents in South Carolina. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas continues to safeguard the Constitution. And an extraordinary group of principled black conservatives — men and women alike — are running strong campaigns for Congress this year,” Golden said.

In December, Golden said that the Democratic Party has taken black voters “for granted” for nearly a century.

“Under the leadership of President Trump, Black-Americans enjoyed the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded,” he said in a joint message with co-founder and fellow black conservative Autry Pruitt.

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“The Trump approach has produced an economy that works for all Americans, yet Democrats are promising more of the same — votes for crumbs. It is simply not enough to stand on the sidelines and hope for the best,” they added.

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2 thoughts on “Limbaugh producer ‘Bo Snerdley’ ramping up outreach to black conservatives with his new PAC”

  1. Bo Snerdley is right on right on .I saw him on a tv show not long ago and he is a smart guy very interesting what he has to say.

  2. WONDERFUL….it is WAY past time to be loud and proud for having ideals, expectations, hopes and dreams shouted out from black men . The Dems have destroyed black culture….one that fought to keep families together with a strong man as THE DAD.

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