Sanders said that threat to planet from human-caused climate change happening now, not in the future

During Tuesday’s 2020 Democratic presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) intimated that the dangers to the planet of human-caused climate change were imminent, not coming at some future date.

“Let’s be clear. If we as a nation do not transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, and not by 2050, not by 2040, but unless we lead the world right now — not easy stuff — the planet we are leaving our kids will be uninhabitable and unhealthy,” Sanders declared.

In November, Sanders also shortened his previous deadline for action on climate change during a debate. Then, he reduced it to eight or nine years, down from 12.

“We don’t have decades. What the scientists are telling us: if we don’t get our act together within the next eight or nine years, we’re talking about cities all over the world — major cities — going underwater,” Sanders said at the time.

The Vermont socialist also said that the fires burning in Australia were, in part, caused by climate change, though reports have noted they were started by arsonists.

“We are seeing Australia burning,” Sanders claimed.

1 thought on “Sanders said that threat to planet from human-caused climate change happening now, not in the future”

  1. Brian FitzGerald

    When communism failed in the U.S.S.R. (as it will eventually in China, N. Korea and anywhere else it is forced on people) the “true believers” announced they were going to appropriate The Green Movement as their new vehicle for world domination. Carbon taxes, preaching CO2 as a poison and pretending to care about a myriad of obscure animal species (the spotted owl, the snail darter, etc.) are part and parcel of this scam. After all, everyone wants clean air and water and there are definite concerns regarding real pollution.
    But, one doesn’t have to look far to see the real agenda of the communists who are using the green movement for their own purposes. Primarily they use it to attack and hamstring Free Enterprise.
    That’s Bernie’s shtick.

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