2020 Trump campaign to target ‘disaffected Democrats’ after Van Drew defection

The 2020 Trump campaign said Friday that it would reach out to “disaffected Democrats” following an increasingly unpopular impeachment push and the defection of one Democratic lawmaker to the GOP.

The campaign launched its outreach effort Thursday, the same day Rep. Jeff Van Drew switched parties from Democrat to Republican after meeting with President Trump in the White House.

The effort seeks to welcome moderate Democrats disaffected by “coastal elitists and left-wing radicals.”

“The coalition is aimed at disaffected Democrats who will refuse to support witch hunts, sham impeachments, or radical big government socialist policies,” the campaign said.

“From the sham impeachment to the outright embrace of socialism, the Democrat party of today is unrecognizable and leaving moderate Democrats behind,” said campaign manager Brad Parscale.

Parscale invited Democrats “who feel abandoned by the socialist radicalization of their party” to join both the movement and “a President that are putting America first.”

The  group “will highlight the many victories President Trump has achieved for all Americans,” according to the campaign.

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