Trump credits his ‘common sense’ regulatory agenda as helping boost record U.S. economy

Shortly after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, he signed an executive order requiring federal agencies to retire two rules for every new one proposed.

In the nearly three years since that order, the president says it and other “common sense” regulatory actions have helped created a record-setting economy with historic low unemployment.

“Our regulatory reform efforts are delivering prosperity to forgotten men women and children of America,” Trump said at the White House Friday. “We are seeing a middle-class boom led by blue-collar jobs.”

The president cited new figures while speaking during a White House roundtable on cutting red tape.

He claimed his administration had cut regulatory costs by $50 billion and reduced 7.5 regulations for every new one created.

Trump’s comments came as the Labor and Commerce departments announced new economic and jobs figures.

The Labor Department noted that the economy created 266,000 jobs in November, far more than most economists had forecast, while the overall unemployment rate fell to 3.5. percent.

The president also attacked previous regulations including those requiring new ‘energy efficient’ but expensive light bulbs.

“The new bulb is many times more expensive,” the president said.

“And I hate to say it, it doesn’t make you look as good,” the president said to laughter.

“Of course, being a vain person, that’s very important to me. It gives you an orange look. I don’t want an orange look,” he added.

“Has anyone noticed that? So we’ll have to change those bulbs in at least a couple of rooms where I am in the White House.”

He also criticized low-flow faucets and toilets, saying he has plans to deregulate them as well.

“People are flushing toilets 10 times 15 times, as opposed to once, they end up using more water,” said the president. “So EPA is looking at that very strongly, at my suggestion.”

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