More liberal DAs backed by activist George Soros win office

More liberal district attorneys have won office this year thanks to support from Leftist billionaire and political activist George Soros as part of his effort to remake the U.S. justice system.

DAs that Soros has backed generally don’t prosecute “quality of life” crimes that include prostitution, public urination, defecating on sidewalks, and “public camping.”

Increasingly, DA candidates winning office with Soros’ help look like Chesa Boudin, a former translator for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and the son of Weather Underground radicals. Boudin won a surprise victory in San Francisco last week over Democratic establishment candidate Suzy Loftus.

But his victory has alarmed local police officers, the Washington Times reported.

“You’re sending a very, very wrong message that you can come into San Francisco and do whatever you want, and there are no consequences,” said Sgt. Tony Montoya, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, which opposed Boudin’s candidacy.

Boudin was a deputy public defender before he ran for DA.

Also winning in the Nov. 5 election was Democrat Jack Stollsteimer, who beat out Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland in the Philadelphia suburbs. He won thanks in large part to a $1 million donation from Soros to his pro-Stollsteimer Pennsylvania Justice & Public Safety PAC.

Not everyone is happy with Soros’ involvement.

Michele Hanisee, president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys in Los Angeles County, has decried out-of-state interference in local elections. She has accused Soros of trying to “bypass the legislative process” with candidates who support his “political agenda and social views.”

“A staple of these candidates is the promise not to enforce laws with which they disagree,” Hanisee wrote in a 2018 op-ed headlined, “The Ongoing Attempt to Buy the Criminal Justice System.”

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