Ted Cruz Discusses What a Trump 2024 Candidacy Will Look Like

Sen. Ted Cruz, who ran against then-GOP candidate Donald Trump in 2016, talked about what his former nemeses’ campaign will look like in 2024 if he jumps in the race, which looks increasingly likely.

In an with Fox News on the sidelines of the Turning Point USA conference in Tampa, Fla., on Friday, Cruz remarked that Trump entering the race will clear out any potential GOP challengers, first and foremost.

He said Trump is “going to do what he wants” in 2024, and “will remain an incredibly important leader in the United States.”

“I’m sure it clears it out significantly,” Cruz said of a potential scenario of Trump running again in 2024. “We’ll see what happens.

“Look, the lay of the land is everyone is waiting to see what Trump decides to do. Anyone who tells you they’re not is lying to you. And he’s going to decide on whatever time frame he desires,” the Texas Republican added.

Fox News noted further:

Trump and Cruz clashed during the 2016 GOP primaries, with the New York real estate tycoon dubbing the Texas senator “Lyin’ Ted.” However, Cruz became an ally of Trump’s following his election victory.

“I think he accomplished an enormous amount as president, and I was proud to work hand in hand with him in achieving results for the American people.” Cruz told Fox News Digital.

Citing the media’s “hatred” of Trump, Cruz said that voters are ready to “move back to the direction of common sense.”

As for the former president, he has all but formally declared he is running again.

During a speech in Arizona on Saturday, Trump again hinted that he will run.

“And now, we may have to do it again,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner. “I mean, look at, look at what has happened to our country in less than two years. Our country is like a different — it’s like a different place. It’s so sad to see.”

Last week, a report that not only has Trump settled on running again, but he may announce it formally sooner rather than later.

Trump told New York Magazine, “Well, in my own mind, I’ve already made that decision, so nothing factors in anymore. In my own mind, I’ve already made that decision.”

That statement was taken by most political observers to mean that Trump is definitely going to run again, leaving only the matter of making it official.

The Washington Post reported:

The former president is now eyeing a September announcement, according to two Trump advisers, who like some others interviewed for this article spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations. One confidant put the odds at “70-30 he announces before the midterms.” And others said he may still decide to announce sooner than September.

Trump has begun talking with advisers about who should run a campaign, and his team has instructed others to have an online apparatus ready for a campaign should he announce soon, two people familiar with the matter said. He also has begun meeting with top donors to talk about the 2024 race, one of these people said, while on trips to various places across the country.

“It’s actually him pushing his advisers to get him ready to announce before or shortly after Labor Day, is the latest timing I’ve been told,” CNN’s Gabby Orr said during a panel discussion last weekend.


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