Tucker Carlson Went to Iowa With Extremely Important Message For Republicans: ‘This Is An SOS Moment!’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson visited Iowa and delivered a message to the Republican Party he believes it needs to hear.

Namely, that GOP voters aren’t being very well represented by the leaders they elected to Washington.

In a speech to the Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines — a forum known to be frequented by future presidential contenders — Carlson, who did not flatly deny he would ever run himself, told the party it faces “an SOS moment.”

Carlson was asked point-blank if he planned a future run.

“God knows what the future holds. The people I’m maddest at in the world are the people who don’t do their duty and leave the vulnerable exposed,” he began.

“It’s the dad who leaves his kids — that’s a guy, I’d just like to punch him in the face. I mean it because that’s your duty,” Carlson said. “Those are your children, and you left. You don’t care about them. That’s the most basic violation there is. It’s not what the enemy does to you; it’s what people charged with ensuring your welfare do to you.”

“The average Republican voter is not represented in a meaningful way by his or her leaders in Washington, and I cannot stress that enough. I have every intention of staying in the job that I’m blessed to have,” the top-rated host continued.

“But I’m going to keep hammering that, not because I want to weaken the Republican Party, no, because the Republican Party is our only option. That’s it. We need immediate attention and help. This is an SOS moment,” he said.


For the time being, Carlson enjoys being one of Fox News’ top hosts, having a weekday nightly prime-time program on the network as well as two programs on the network’s streaming service, Fox Nation.

Newly released data on a Friday night in June found that “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was the most-watched cable news show.

AdWeek found that Carlson’s 8 p.m. show had 3.13 million total viewers and 485,000 views in the advertiser-sought demo of 25-54 demographic.

In the same time slot, CNN’s Anderson Cooper pulled in 686,000 total viewers and just 131,000 in the 25-54 demo. And MSNBC’s Chris Hayes didn’t perform much better as his show garnered just 1.43 million total viewers and 152,000 in the 25-54 demo.

Carlson’s show has been dominating for quite some time.

Deadline  the viewership results for cable news shows and Carlson, as well as Fox News, smashed all of the competition.

Television viewership data found that Carlson’s show is the number one most-watched show among Democrats in the key demographic of 25-54 year-olds.

“The data showed that Carlson pulled in 101,000 viewers who self-identified as Democrats in the 25-54 demographic. MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” and Fox’s “The Five” were tied for second place, each attracting 88,000 viewers in the key demo who self-identified as Democrats. The next two spots are occupied by Sean Hannity, who took in 81,000 young Democrat viewers, and Greg Gutfeld, who pulled 73,000,” the report found.

Deadline detailed how in May, Fox News dominated all cable news competition, and the network has continued to do so in the weeks since.


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