Tucker in 2024? Speculation Runs Rampant Ahead of Carlson Headlining Iowa Event

Tucker Carlson has recently shot down speculation that he is interested in running for the White House.

But then, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words, as the sayings go.

Carlson, who is arguably Fox News’ top-rated host and personality with a nightly program on the network and two more on the network’s Fox Nation streaming service, is set to headline a family event at a summit in Iowa, where political candidates frequently go as presidential election cycles begin.

Mediate reports:

The FAMiLY Leader is a socially conservative Chrisitan political organization, whose annual gathering has become a regular stomping ground for potential GOP presidential candidates. In 2021, the FAMiLY Leadership Summit was addressed by potential 2024 presidential candidates like former VP Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD).

The announcement Carlson would address the summit was quickly shared and reshared by political pundits and observers speculating on the Fox News host’s future ambitions.

“Tucker Carlson heading to Iowa, home of the presidential caucuses, this summer. This particular group’s gathering has long been an event attended by Republicans with presidential ambitions,” noted CBS News’ Robert Costa on Twitter.

“Tucker Carlson is appearing at the Family Leader summit in Iowa, a typically influential political forum in Iowa GOP politics ahead of presidential cycles,” noted the New York Times’s Maggie Haberman.

That led Lincoln Project co-founder and one-time GOP political operative Rick Wilson to note in reply: “He’s running!”