‘Do Something!’ Fiancée Of Paralyzed Chicago Cop Calls Out Mayor Lori Lightfoot

The fiancée of a Chicago police officer who was shot and paralyzed over the weekend ripped into Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Police Supt. David Brown, and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, the latter of whom was bankrolled in her campaign by George Soros.

Casey Szaflarski said on Facebook: “I am absolutely done being silent,” before calling out the failed leadership in Chicago saying: “You have divided and separated and ripped away the city more then ever in the history of Chicago! DO SOMETHING! There needs to be a change!”

The full post:

Wow…where do I even begin? THANK YOU-BIG HUGS. I was explaining to someone today that Ive never in my life been apart [sic] of a tragedy, Iv [sic] always been someone to be the support. Having people being the support to me and my husband is an adjustment but a feeling that is beyond unexplainable.

Danny and I expressed how we wish we could grab every single one of you and give you the tightest hug ever. It has gotten to a point where I don’t have enough hours in the day to respond to all of your loving messages. PLEASE just know we see them and we cherish them! 

They really don’t make them like Danny…I can’t believe he’s even real sometimes. The happiest most genuine person Iv ever met in my life. He has made me the best version of myself over the past 5 years. He lights up the room with that smile that never ends! 

His famous and most favorite quote to me is “if it was easy everyone would do it…keep smiling because this pain does not last forever”  

Just when I thought 3 cowards could take away my sanity and the person who means the most to me…Danny was still there to let us all know he wasn’t going anywhere. 

There are so many darn people to thank for the amount of support you have given us. But I just want to take the time and specifically thank the Tom Hopkins Foundation A night that was meant to not only honor a man that left a such an incredible mark in this world but a night that was supposed to be comforting and a way to be with the community and feel safe.

It was ripped away by these individuals who have no sense of morality. Danny had a lot of angels that night and I know your father was one them…to the Hopkins family especially Liam Hopkins and Hopkins you guys are simply the best. 

To his army buddies we love you and thank you for the amount of graditude from all over the world. The way he still speaks about all of you to this day is something so beautiful. Your brotherhood after all these years is remarkable.

To his police buddies for walking this line every day with him and understanding each other in a way others will never bother to.  Especially the ones who’s helped find Justice for Danny! 

To Nicky Francis for working countless hours this past week you are a true stallion for this job! I have never felt more confident and a sense of comfort in knowing that justice would be served. 

To Chuck Butts  and Marciano  I gained two of the best brothers I could ever ask for. I don’t even need to explain the kind of relationship we have with one another. I just want to say I’m so grateful for you both.  

To Brian Kennedy and Jack Gorman for literally saving his life and taking action to get him to the hospital. Your firefighter and military background showed your skills to step up to the plate. thank you is not enough!

To all of our and Danny’s 1 million friends and family-I’m convinced that no where in this world has the support like we do! He is the luckiest guy in the world. Because of you guys he keeps fighting! 

To the Mount Greenwood, Beverly, and Bridgeport community we are the only places in the world that are like this. It’s our time to fight for what we have built!!!!! 


To those who I never thought I’d hear from THANK YOU

To those who I obviously would hear from THANK YOU 

But to the people who have been so ignorantly silent  let me just tell you….YOU STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB…and honestly I pray for your clarity in life. I don’t care how much money you have or how many lies you have to feed yourself to justify what happened to Danny. I can sleep better at night knowing that I actually am a human being and you have no morals in your life…shame on you. 

I am absolutely done being silent I have been the most fair, most understanding, logical, and supportive person throughout these last couple years but unfortunately I’ve been personally attacked and all I’m going to say is that I will continue to be the most levelheaded person I am.

But it sickens me at the same time to know for 100% fact that a so-called “leader” Lori Lightfoot and David Brown have not even acknowledged the fact that my husband literally almost lost his life protecting and serving his community. 

His life has changed FOREVER and you both don’t even have the decency or respect to acknowledge that?! Wish I could say I’m not surprised at this point but I was hoping you had some sort of heart. 

Normally I could care less with these useless politicians have to say. I won’t even type the name of the true problem in our city (cough cough 🦊) because she’s not even worth my breath! but like I said this is personal and I want answers I want to know why I have not heard one single word about this hero and why you are in the positions you are in if you do not have the full support of the Chicago police department?!? 

You have divided and separated and ripped away the city more then ever in the history of Chicago! 


There needs to be a change!

This is just the beginning.


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