Kellyanne Conway Urges Donald Trump to Run Again As She Gives Brutal Assessment Of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

Kellyanne Conway, who was former President Donald Trump’s campaign manager during his successful 2016 presidential run and became his top political counselor, is urging the 45th president to become the 47th president, with some caveats.

At the same time, in an interview with the Washington Times, Conway blasted President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for making a mess of the country in near-record time.

Also, she advised that Trump leave his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, out of any future presidential administration, while also saying he should leave the 2020 election behind him.

“If President Trump wants to run in 2024, and he does, he should just look forward and project a vision forward, go to the future and recognize that every great presidential candidate, including him in 2016, has that vision of looking forward and reflects the people’s grievances, not his own grievances, the people’s grievances –  their economic, their anxiety and uncertainty, their feeling of uncertainty and chaos and crisis everywhere we look, and reflect to them that he is the guy who will come and mitigate if not eliminate all of that,” she said.

Noting that Trump is “sad and frustrated” by Biden and Harris, she added: “In less time than it takes to have a baby, Biden and Harris have ruined this country with the energy economy and the deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan. The list goes on and on. So Mr. Trump is with America when he says, I want to make a change here.”

Conway adds:

“The second reason he wants to run is because Donald Trump is uniquely positioned to say, “I can do it because I already did it. I like vintage Trump 2015-2016, that joy on the job, the rallies, connecting to people.

“All of that Trump agenda was so compelling, and people understood exactly why he was running and what they would get. A combination of vintage Trump with those amazing accomplishments in 2020, he can be unstoppable in 2024.

“He obviously is highly favored by donors and grassroots. But I will say this: I love the donors.

“They’re very successful people in life. They’re often wrong about who’s next. People say, I want DeSantis, and they don’t know him that well.

“And they have to realize that whether it’s DeSantis or Joe Blow or Donald Trump or Charlie Hurt, if you have an “R” after your name, they’re coming for you.

“So what everybody thinks is unconquerable and indomitable and electable, the media and the hard left, they will tear that person apart.

“And we don’t know what people are made of until they’re put into that arena.”

She went on to blame Kushner for Trump’s loss in 2020.

“There’s nobody who’s profited more handsomely from Donald Trump’s presidency than Jared Kushner if you believe the news reports, he’s gotten billions of dollars for his investment fund,” she said.

“It’s become incredibly convenient for Jared to not be given responsibility for that 2020 debacle of a campaign, to not take responsibility for, frankly, not being there for his father-in-law now the way that he insisted on being there for five straight years, until things didn’t really work out.

“Jared should not work in the White House.

“The people who are responsible for wasting the $1.4 billion and not getting the job done, we have not held them to account,” she said of Kushner who blew that amount on Trump’s losing effort in 2020.

“The electors certified those election results on Dec. 14. And then other people had the idea to blow through that and have another fifth bite at the apple on January 6. I knew nothing about that ahead of time. I’m still in shock, not in awe.

“We’ve got to move on and look forward. People are suffering right now,” she added.


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