Never-Trump Journalist Raked Over Coals After Taking Credit For ‘Roe’ Reversal

A never-Trump journalist whose conservative credentials were called into question frequently during the former president’s term was ripped online after appearing to take some credit for the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade on Friday.

Three of the five justices who signed on to the ruling were appointed by President Trump.

“This is a great day for American justice. A grievous wrong has been corrected,” David French wrote.

“This ruling was decades in the making, through long and patient legal, political, and cultural advocacy. But this fight is not over. Far from it. The struggle to build a culture of life continues,” French added.

His comments were torn asunder by conservatives online.

ROE V WADE OVERTURNED! REMINDER: a bunch of sanctimonious neocons voted against Trump because they prioritized their precious foreign wars over the Right to Life cause. Mock them mercilessly today,” Twitter user Kira Khrushchev noted along with a graphic.

“So thankful your anti-Trumpist obsession and damaged ego failed to keep the country from this moment. If you had gotten your way, this day would have never happened. You should repent for your continual slanders against those who had far more courage and wisdom,” The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway added.

“This day only happened because you didn’t get your way. I’m glad that you are happy, and we should all join in celebrating, but some admission that you were wrong would be nice before immediately trying to present yourself as a leader in the struggle,” Red State writer “Bonchie” added.

Other users made similar remarks, thanking Trump for putting three justices on the Supreme Court who supported the repeal of ‘Roe.’

“If you had gotten your way in November 2016, this day wouldn’t have happened. You actively encouraged voters to roll over for the election of a president whose justices would have saved Roe. Today is a day for you to hang your head in shame,” wrote Lifesite writer Calvin Freiburger.

“‘Decades’ in the making—only you would attempt to take credit for something that never would’ve happened without President Trump. And you’re so graceless you can’t bring yourself to credit him,” American Greatness reporter Julie Kelly noted.


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