Newt Gingrich Drops Hammer On Biden: ‘Every Week That Goes By, Trump Looks Better’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich dumped on President Joe Biden’s tenure in office thus far, saying his performance compares miserably to that of former President Donald Trump.

“Every week that goes by, Donald Trump’s presidency looks better. Look at his inflation rate. Look at the price of gasoline when Trump was president,” Gingrich said on Wednesday during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“People find, I think, his personality too aggressive at times, too annoying. But his policies certainly had turned America around.  In Biden’s case, he doesn’t just fall off his bicycle, he takes the country with him,” Gingrich continued.

“And you look at Biden’s inflation record, which at present is going to be worse than Jimmy Carter.

“You look at Biden’s open-door policy in the southern border. You look at Biden’s allies releasing murderers.

“Now, there are a lot of reasons why the country on policy grounds would favor Trump over Biden, in the latest poll, I think it was like six or eight points,” he added.


CNN adds:

President Joe Biden will call on Congress in a speech Wednesday to suspend federal gasoline and diesel taxes until the end of September, senior administration officials said, framing the move as necessary to provide relief to American consumers but itself not enough to resolve the problem of surging energy prices.

Biden will also call on states to take steps removing their own taxes on gas and diesel. And he’ll tell oil refining companies to increase their capacity ahead of their planned meeting this week with administration officials.

Combined, the senior administration officials claimed, the steps Biden will call for could reduce the price per gallon of gas by $1. Yet that figure relies on a number of steps entirely out of the President’s control — not least of which is convincing a skeptical Congress to approve his plan.

In March, Gingrich teased a “Contract With America 2.0” which is an effort to resurrect a concept he pioneered in the mid-1990s to bring the GOP back to majority status in the House after a 40-year stint of Democratic domination.

He said that Republicans are “preparing to make history” if they retake control of the chamber this fall, which looks increasingly likely given President Joe Biden’s tanking approval ratings and recent surveys showing generic Republican candidates beating Democrats in down-ballot races.

“With Leader Kevin McCarthy’s determined, methodical, and systematic leadership, House Republicans are preparing to make history – fully as much as the Contract with America Republicans did in 1994,” Gingrich said in a press release Friday.

Just the News :

Republicans in 1994 campaigned on a Contract with America, which was partially written by then-Georgia Rep. Gingrich. The contract laying out GOP legislative plans led to Republicans gaining 9 Senate seats and 54 House seats, making the GOP the majority in the House for the first time in 40 years.

“McCarthy and his team are developing a Commitment to America,” Gingrich said, lauding the House GOP leader.

“Having participated with Ronald Reagan’s efforts in 1980, the 1994 Contract, and John Boehner’s successful 2010 campaign to retake the House, I can report that McCarthy’s effort is the largest, most inclusive, and most systematic issue development effort I have ever seen,” he said.


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