GOP Senator Reveals Real Reason Behind Jan. 6 Hearings

A leading Republican senator ripped into Democrats who are heading up the committee looking at the origins of the Jan. 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol.

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said Tuesday the purpose behind the hearings is really just to distract from Democratic and Biden administration policy failures amid record-high inflation being driven by escalating gasoline, food, and housing costs.

Johnson, who is seeking a third term as senator, said that the hearings were a “partisan exercise”, and pointed to high inflation, President Biden’s border policies, and rising crime as consequences of Democratic policies.

“It’s obvious that the Democrats set this thing up to be a political exercise, obviously designed to distract the public from the major problems occurring because of their agenda, their ideology,” Johnson told The Daily Wire in a phone interview.

“They can’t talk about the disastrous result of their policies, so this is really the only thing they can talk about,” he said.

He also said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) designed the committee to be political, not practical.

“One question they’ll never ask, one witness they’ll never call, is Nancy Pelosi,” Johnson stated.

“Why were we so unprepared? Where was the security manpower? Why wasn’t it visible? Why didn’t we prevent the breach? The breach never should have happened,” he said.

The Daily Wire report added:

Although Johnson does not yet know who his Democratic challenger will be for the Midterm Election, he predicts that the race will go down to the wire. The Democratic primary is set for August 9, and Johnson will likely face on-leave Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes (D-WI), or State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski (D-WI).

If Republicans take back the Senate in 2022, Johnson said that they “need to stop the Biden agenda that is destroying our country, and do anything [we] possibly can as a legislature to end his destructive agenda.”

His agenda for 2025, should Republicans gain control of the White House and both chambers, would include supporting law enforcement, increasing funding for the military, pursuing energy independence, creating a simpler tax code, and cutting back on deficit spending.

Johnson also said that more people need to be brought into the workforce, noting that manufacturers in Wisconsin were struggling to find workers.

“I have the worst opponent, which is the mainstream media. Incredibly biased coverage, they are carrying the lies and distortions of the Democrats for them, creating headlines that can be used against me in the future,” he said.


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