Texas, Arizona Have Bussed Thousands of Migrants to DC

The states of Texas and Arizona are continuing to bus migrants who have crossed illegally into the U.S. to the nation’s capital.

So far, in total, both states have sent more than 2,500 migrants to Washington, D.C., by bus, in protest of President Joe Biden’s immigration policies they say are responsible for record-high illegal immigration.

The Washington Examiner confirmed that the migrants had been transported to the nation’s capital on at least 79 busses authorized by the GOP governors of the two states.

“These people are wanting to go somewhere else. They’re not wanting to stay in Arizona,” Morgan Carr, spokeswoman for Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ), said in a statement to the outlet. “From what we’re seeing, they’re all primarily [headed to] the East Coast.”

Arizona officials also confirmed that 14 buses carried 523 migrants since the effort began in mid-May.

“This is a problem caused by Washington. We’re bringing it to Washington, and we expect Washington to foot the bill. We’re going to send them a bill,” Ducey spokesman C.J. Karamargin previously told the Washington Examiner.

In Texas, 65 buses carrying more than 2,000 migrants have been sent to the nation’s capital since mid-April, the report noted.


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