Top Republican Senator Demands Biden Resign Immediately: ‘Step Down Now’

A top Republican senator has demanded that Joe Biden step down amid record-high food, gasoline, and diesel fuel problems, all of which are the result of sky-high inflation in the 16 months since the president took office.

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri railed at the president after the latest inflationary statistics were posted by Jacki Kotkiewicz, director of policy research for the GOP.

“Overall CPI: +8.6% since last year, Gas: +48.7%, Fuel Oil: +106.7%, Meat, Poultry, & Fish: +13.1%, Milk: +15.9%, Eggs: +32.2%, Coffee: +15.3%, Used Cars: +16.1%, Airline Fares: +37.8%, Real Average Hourly Earnings: -3%,” Kotkiewicz noted.

“Wow – inflation off the charts. Joe Biden’s destruction of the middle class continues,” Hawley noted on Twitter.

“Joe Biden’s war on American families continues. His policies have pushed inflation to generational highs, and he still won’t take any responsibility,” Hawley added in an interview with Fox News.

“If he can’t do the job, he should step down now,” the former Missouri attorney general added.

In an back in October, Hawley wrote:

Long a land of abundance, the United States has become a land of scarcity under President Joe Biden. 

Store shelves are increasingly empty, the cost of basic goods is soaring, supply chains are failing, foreign imports are backlogged at our ports, and a government-induced energy crunch has driven up prices at the pump to seven-year highs. 

American families are bearing the brunt of this crisis.

Rather than address the underlying causes of scarcity by bolstering American production and enhancing the nation’s energy independence, the Biden administration has embraced this era of want. 

Hawley’s criticisms come on the heels of a GOP lawmaker in the House saying on Friday that most Americans don’t believe the administration’s inflation figures.

Inflation is up 8.6 percent, according to the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), but Rep. Kevin Hern (R-Okla.) told Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo” he thinks most Americans believe it is higher because the cost of many things they buy has doubled under Biden.

First of all, the American people don’t believe that inflation is only 8% as you’ve said this morning on your show. Everything is up double-digit. Gas has doubled already. It’s almost $5 a gallon nationwide, as you’ve listed all of the different commodities out there, how high they are. The American people are feeling much higher, I expect 8.3 or higher as we see today,” Hern told the host.

“The president is doing all of the gimmicks to do things, releasing a million barrels a day, oil that we put in petroleum reserve at $50 a barrel and we’ll have to replace $150 a barrel. I mean, just economic disaster after disaster,” the GOP lawmaker continued.

“Now he’s talking about removing tariffs in China. He wants to go easing on China now to bury the idea that he caused anything to do with inflation,” the congressman added.


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