Democrat-Dominant San Francisco Recalls Far-Left DA Funded By George Soros, And It Wasn’t Close

San Francisco voters have made their feelings known over how they feel about rising crime in their city and the local district attorney’s perceived refusal to adequately deal with it.

On Tuesday, George Soros-funded DA Chesa Bouda was recalled by voters in a landslide defeat, according to reports.

Boudin was ousted with 61%, compared to 39% who wanted him to stay as the district attorney.

“This is a movement, not a moment in history,” Boudin said after his defeat. “The coalition that we built is broad, it is diverse, it is strong. And it is a coalition that is deeply committed to justice.”

Now, San Fran Mayor London Breed will have to appoint a temporary DA to backfill Boudin’s position until the next regular election this fall.

“Boudin is not keeping San Francisco safe. He refuses to adequately prosecute criminals and fails to take the drug dealing crisis seriously. He doesn’t hold serial offenders accountable, getting them released from custody, and his response to victims is that ‘hopefully’ home burglaries will go down,” the petition to recall said.

The vote by the liberal residents of San Francisco to get tough on crime likely sends a strong message to soon-to-be-recalled Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.

“Tonight showed that voters from every community and every walk of life, regardless of political ideology, are rejecting pro-criminal policies that are masked as criminal justice reform,” said a representative of the Recall Gascon Campaign.

“George Gascón and Chesa Boudin’s failed social experiments have destroyed communities while doing nothing to meaningfully reform the system. If LA County voters sign and return their recall petitions, Gascon will be walking the same plank in the near future,” the rep continued.

Zero Hedge reported:

Boudin was elected in 2019 with 50.8 percent of the vote, defeating Suzy Loftus who received 49.2 percent.

He said the “the old approaches” didn’t make the city safer but ignored the root causes of crime and “perpetuated mass incarceration,” and claimed that in his first year he fought to expand support for crime victims, hold police accountable when they commit unnecessary violence, create an independent “innocence commission,” and establish an economic crimes unit to protect workers’ rights.

Boudin argued that “exploiting recalls for political purposes is an abuse of the process [that] disrespects the will of the voters, and costs taxpayers millions of dollars.”

Richie Greenberg, a Republican and former mayoral candidate, launched an earlier but unsuccessful recall petition against Boudin in January last year. The campaign collected 49,600 signatures, 1,725 shy of the number needed to make the ballot.


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