Red Wave Blow-Out in ’22 Could Be Historic: Report

A brand-new election analysis indicates that the Republican Party is set to make massive gains in the House and possibly the Senate during the November midterm elections.

According to CNN, which has often been accused of being unfairly biased against conservatives, the GOP stands to gain the largest number of seats in the House in eight decades.

CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten made the prediction on Monday during a segment of “The Lead,” hosted by Jake Tapper.

The host asked: “If you’re a Republican running for re-election or trying to unseat a Democrat, things are looking pretty good, right?”

“I would say they’re looking very good from the historical context. Basically, I took the best Republican positions on the generic congressional ballot at this point in midterm cycles since 1938 — that generic ballot basically is, ‘Would you vote for the generic Republican or generic Democrat in your district?’” Enten began.

“And guess what, since 1938, the Republican two-point lead on the generic congressional ballot is the best position for Republicans at this point in any midterm cycle in over 80 years,” he continued.

“It beats 2010 when Republicans were up a point. It beats 2014, 2002, 1998, where Democrats led by a point, and in all of those four prior examples that make this list of the top five, look at that, who won a majority? It was the Republicans who won a majority,” Enten said.

“Now, of course, the election is not being held tomorrow, and we’ll see. Sometimes history isn’t always prologue, but my estimate for the 2023 House makeup, if the election were held today, which again, it isn’t, we still have five months, five months from tomorrow, would be Republicans, 236 seats to 241 seats. Democrats, 194 to 199,” the analyst continued.

“That’s based off a formula of seat-to-seat race ratings from the Cook Political Report and Inside Elections,” he explained.

Tapper said, “That is a stomping, or that would be a stomping.”

Enten responded, “Yes, it would.”

The analysis comes at a time when President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have tanked along with those of his vice president, Kamala Harris, amid high gas prices that are setting daily records, high diesel fuel costs, and other inflationary pressures including food.

In addition, the southwestern border remains chaotic and Democrats don’t appear to have much of a response to any of the problems, Republicans are quick to point out.


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