Kyle Rittenhouse Blasts Media, Opens Up About His Future

Kyle Rittenhouse once again took the mainstream media to task on Monday even as he made a major announcement about his future.

The teen said he plans to move to Texas while warning, “Half of the world hates me because of the false narratives that were put out and they need to be held accountable.”

In announcing his move on social media, he also told his supporters he expects to attend Texas A&M in 2023.

“Unfortunately, the end of my high school career was robbed from me. I didn’t have the time other students get to properly prepare for the future.I look forward to attending Blinn College District this year, a feeder school for Texas A&M,” he wrote.

“I’m excited to join Texas A&M in 2023! I  am looking forward to making the move to Texas at the end of the month.”

Rittenhouse was 17 when he shot and killed two rioters, while wounding a third, in Kenosha, Wis., as they attempted to attack him. The wounded man was wielding a handgun and appeared to be preparing to fire at the teen. A jury acquitted him on all counts, calling his actions justified self-defense.

He also told , “Everywhere I go, I have to have security. I can’t go to Walmart. I can’t go to Target.”

“I don’t believe I’ll have a fair shake at getting a job because a place may not want to hire me because they may have seen something that was written about me. And they may have that false narrative in their head,” he continued.

“The media smeared me from the beginning. They made it almost impossible for me to get a fair shake. They made it difficult for me to live my life today,” he added. “Half of the world hates me because of the false narratives that were put out and they need to be held accountable.”

Fox News added:

Roughly six months after his acquittal, Rittenhouse hired lawyer Todd McMurtry – who represented Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann during his defamation cases against the media – to “head the effort to determine whom to sue, when to sue, where to sue,” McMurtry told Fox News Digital in a phone interview earlier Thursday. 

He also says his family suffers.

“My family is scared to go out because of the lies that were told about them. They said my mom drove me across state lines and drove me there, which is false,” he said, referring to the debunked narrative that his mother Wendy Rittenhouse drove him to Kenosha from nearby Illinois ahead of the riot and shooting.

“Just so much more false narratives that they pushed, and that they continue to go with and that they doubled down on once I was acquitted,” he added.


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