Dan Bongino Owns Hillary Clinton In Six-Word Tweet About Firearms

Former Secret Service agent and current top conservative talk host Dan Bongino clapped back at former first lady Hillary Clinton on Twitter this week after she posted a message about gun control.

Democrats have once again launched a push for major new gun control initiatives following a string of mass shootings including a racially motivated attack at a grocery store in a mostly black Buffalo, N.Y., neighborhood as well as a gruesome massacre of children late last month in Uvalde, Texas.

In the Buffalo attack, which was live-streamed by the shooter, ten blacks were killed and three other people were wounded. In Uvalde, 19 fourth-grade students were murdered along with two adults.

Clinton tweeted: “No one actually needs an AR-15” — a reference to the type of firearm used in both of the mass shootings.

But Bongino clapped back in six words: “We protected your husband with them.”

Others on Twitter also railed at Clinton, who has been under some form of taxpayer-funded federal protection for decades.


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