Republicans Moving to Clear Trump’s Name, Give Him Back Reputation

A group of Republican lawmakers are doing something to try and help Donald Trump get his reputation back for historical posterity.

The group of 28 lawmakers led by GOP Reps. Elise Stefanik of New York are backing a resolution to “expunge” the second impeachment of Trump.

The effort, first reported by the Daily Beast, is being led by Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin.

Just the News adds:

It would apply to Trump’s 2021 impeachment, which occurred in the wake of the Jan. 6, Capitol riot.

Mullin previously introduced a similar measure on Trump’s first impeachment, which centered on the accusation that Trump was withholding military aid from Ukraine in exchange for politically salient favors.

Though the effort will not pass the Democrat-led chamber, significant support for it underscores continuing GOP conference support for the former president nearly a year-and-a-half after he left office. If passed, the resolution states that it would be as though the articles of impeachment “had never passed the House of Representatives.”

“Democrats used their second impeachment resolution to once again weaponize one of the most grave and consequential powers of the House,” Mullin said. “This was never about the Constitution; it was rooted in personal politics.”

Stefanik, who is supporting the bill along with GOP House Conference Vice Chairman Mike Johnson added, “The American people know Democrats weaponized the power of impeachment against President Donald Trump to advance their own extreme political agenda.

“President Donald Trump was rightfully acquitted, and it is past time to expunge Democrats’ sham smear against not only President Trump’s name but against millions of patriots across the country.”

Mullin is attempting to replace retiring Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) in an upcoming special election.


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