WATCH: Jesse Watters Calls Out Hollywood Elite Who Never Gave Trump A Break For Being Silent About Biden

Fox News host Jesse Watters is calling out the Hollywood elite for constantly being critical of former President Donald Trump but remaining silent regarding his successor, President Joe Biden.

Watters noted that though Trump presided over much better times in the country, entertainers and movie stars riffed on him constantly. But those same A-listers are nowhere to be found now despite Biden presiding over record-high inflation, gasoline prices, and baby formula shortages.

“A-listers love getting involved in the theater of it all, the back and forth, the fights between the left and the right. But big shocker here. Almost everything they have to say is completely one-sided,” he said during his prime time program on Wednesday.

“These people have real influence over the country’s young minds, especially newer generations. So when they speak out, it has the power to influence a lot of people,” he continued.

“But instead of using that power for good, they’ve spent it going off on Republicans. When it comes to real kitchen table issues like inflation, for example, they’re completely quiet,” he said.

“The Biden administration broke another all-time record high today, as the U.S. average for a gallon of gas hit for $4.67. It just keeps climbing up and up and up, and Americans are struggling. So where’s the De Niro tweet calling for lower gas prices? Crickets,” Watters noted further.

“The cost of everyday essentials like beef, pork, bread all up across the country. The stock market in a bear market right now. But we don’t see any pop singers or movie stars slamming Biden, when Americans can’t put groceries on their table,” he added.

“Where are all the female Hollywood A-listers begging Biden to get baby formula back on the shelves, huh? When it comes to anything with substance, these people are as quiet as a church mouse,” said the “Watters Prime Time” host.

“And where the hell is Hollywood on the homelessness in California? They have to see it as they cruise by in their cars. Where’s the compassion?” he demanded to know.

“These thespians are supposed to be the most compassionate people on the planet, but they just zipped by this rat-infested encampment, and they don’t offer a single line about it,” he said.

Continuing, Watters explained: Well, let’s get down to the real reason why Hollywood’s biggest names aren’t speaking out about the issues that affect you, because that wouldn’t help their agenda and their agenda isn’t your agenda. Their agenda is looking woke, backing liberal politicians and staying politically correct.

“If all that nonsense hurts you – the crime, the inflation – they don’t care. And if they speak out in Hollywood against Biden and the Democrats, they’ll get isolated, their roles will dry up, and their career will suffer,” Watters went on.

“So their career is more important than your life and your livelihood. They’re plenty rich, it doesn’t matter. And it’s more clear than ever celebrities don’t actually care about the country,” he said.