Trump Impeachment Manager Attacks Former Prez, Supporters On Memorial Day

The lead manager for Democrats in their first impeachment of then-President Donald Trump attacked him and his supporters as the country observes the sacrifices made by men and women who served in uniform.

Daniel Goldman, whom The New York Times  as one of the “gladiators of impeachment,” added that he “grew up in a world of Washington elites” and had investigated Russian organized crime before he served on the impeachment team.

On Monday, Memorial Day, he tweeted this statement regarding Trump and his supporters:

On this Memorial Day, with democracy under attack from Donald Trump and the Trumpettes in Congress and around the country, let us remember those who have given their lives to defend and protect the greatest democracy on Earth. Let their memory guide us towards a better future.

Goldman has served as a legal analyst for MSNBC and a fellow at New York University School of Law’s Brennan Center for Justice.

At a Memorial Day service in 2020, Trump said of The Star-Spangled Banner, “Every time we hear it, we think of our warriors on distant battlefields who keep us safe at home.” He added, “We remember the young Americans who never got the chance to grow old, whose legacies will outlive us all.”

“In every generation, these intrepid souls kissed goodbye their families and loved ones,” he said of the soldiers who had died. “They took flight in planes, took sail in ships and marched into battle with our flag, fighting for our country, defending our people. … They climbed atop enemy tanks, jumped out of burning airplanes, and leapt on live grenades. Their love was boundless, their devotion was without limit; their courage was beyond measure.”

He also told Gold Star families, “We stand with you today and all days to come, remembering and grieving for America’s greatest heroes,” he said, adding, “in spirit and strength, loyalty and love, in character and courage, they were larger than life itself. … we honor the heroes we have lost.  We pray for the loved ones they left behind.”


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