LOL: Watch As Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops In At Campaign HQ Of Her Dem Opponent

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene handily won her GOP primary on Tuesday, but before she did, she hilariously dropped in at the campaign headquarters of her likely Democratic opponent, Mark Flowers.



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Greene defeated several Republicans vying to unseat her, particularly Jennifer Strahan, the founder of a suburban Atlanta health care advisory firm who pitched herself to voters as a “no-nonsense conservative.”

Earlier this month, a judge ruled that Greene can run for re-election, rejecting a lawsuit from a liberal group that had challenged her eligibility.

Georgia state law states that State Administrative Law Judge Charles Beaudrot had to submit his findings to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Raffensperger accepted the judge’s findings and said Greene is qualified to run for re-election.

“A Georgia administrative law judge issued a decision that Green was eligible to run following claims by five voters filed through the organization Free Speech for People. The lawsuit accused the controversial Northwest Georgia Republican of engaging in insurrection. The judge found that the plaintiffs had not produced sufficient evidence to back their claims,” local news outlet WUGA reported.

“After Raffensperger adopted the judge’s decision, the group that filed the complaint on behalf of the voters vowed to appeal. Free Speech for People has filed similar challenges in Arizona and North Carolina. Greene has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the legitimacy of the law that the voters are using to try to keep her off the ballot. That suit is pending,” the outlet continued.


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