Kellyanne Conway Has Something to Say About The Media And Her ‘Underage Daughter’

Former President Donald Trump’s top political counselor and campaign manager is not a big fan of the mainstream media.

Kellyanne Conway, who is promoting her explosive new memoir “Here’s The Deal,” denounced the media for focusing on “my underage daughter” rather than “Joe Biden’s dirtbag adult son.”

“My first reaction to all this was utter terror. Terror for Claudia’s safety. Instant fame brings instant chaos, as I well know. I routinely ignored the trolls and haters who came for me online and let the Secret Service agents do their job when the threats warranted attention,” .

“But now the mainstream media in pure lemming-like mob fashion had all but sent an engraved invitation to all those nutjobs to come for my child,” she added.

“This started as a calculated move by an unethical, childless journalist who would go on to sloppily defend her misdeeds by creepily claiming that she, thirty-five years old, and Claudia, fifteen years old, were ‘mutuals’ and ‘peers’ and that she had ‘spoken with Claudia,'” she added.

“People noticed her once camera shy and now twice bitten by Twitter father, in one of her TikToks and realized who she was,” Conway continued.

“Among them was a thirty-five-year-old internet culture and technology ‘reporter’ from the New York Times named Miss Taylor Lorenz, who has blue blood and thin skin.”

Conway said when Taylor’s “tactics or veracity are challenged or the slightest bit of her own foul medicine is placed on her lips, she screams sexism, sends up a distress call to the Times mother ship, and retreats.”

“Once the Times opened the door, other media outlets blew right through their own internal protocols – assuming they had any – to get to Claudia, DMing our fifteen-year-old child and flooding her with interview requests and promises of other goodies.”

“Consider this: In 2020, Claudia Marie Conway, fifteen, got more media coverage than Hunter Biden, fifty-one.”

“My underage daughter became news, but not Joe Biden’s dirtbag adult son, who had flown to Ukraine, China, and God knows where else, reportedly more than eighty times on the taxpayer dime, to coerce tens of millions in contracts and capital,” she said.


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