WATCH: ‘D.C. Is Going To Soon Find Out’: Texas Gov. Abbott Warns Washington What’s Coming

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made headlines earlier this month when he made good on a threat to ship busloads of illegal migrants to the nation’s capital.

But now, he’s threatening to up the game, and in a significant way.

Abbott said that the Biden administration didn’t seem to care about the thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border over the river rather than through ports of entry, then turned to the buses he had already sent.

“We’re up to our 45th bus now; when you add a zero to that I think that Washington D.C. is going to soon find out they’re going to be dealing with the same consequences we’re dealing with,” he warned.

“One thing we know for a fact is that there are maybe as many as 100,000 migrants who are across the border waiting to cross into Texas,” Abbot went on to say. “The Biden administration seems to be letting in people whether they’re crossing through the port of entry or across the river.”

He went on to point out that the Mexico-based drug cartels want illegal aliens crossing the river instead of ports of entry because that keeps the Border Patrol occupied with them instead of the cartel smugglers.

Abbott went on to note that the illegal immigration problem isn’t limited to his state.

“Right now Texas has the largest number of people crossing the border. One thing we have found with the implementation of Operation Lonestar is it has shifted cartel activity to New Mexico to Arizona, to California. … With every day that Texas has success, it may mean failure for some other state. That means failure for the United States of America,” he said.

“Results won’t be attained and achieved until we have a president who is willing to step up and enforce the rule of law,” he declared. “Remember this: It was only a year and a half ago that we had the lowest amount of illegal immigration in decades. And then it only took a year and a half of the current administration to lead to the highest illegal immigration ever.”

When asked if he had ever been contacted about the problem by the Biden administration, Abbott told reporters: “President Biden has never once even tried to contact me.”

“The czar for the border, Kamala Harris, has never once tried to contact me,” he added.

“My last contact with [Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas was something like in February a year ago,” Abbott said. “They have no interest in talking to Texas or talking to leaders who are actually on the border. Remember Joe Biden himself has never even been to the border.”

“We are dealing with a crisis that is man-made by President Biden, who doesn’t want to take the time to even come to the border or talk to the governor of a border state,” he concluded.



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