Confusing: Left-Wing Group To Campaign As Though Trump On Ballot in ’22

In what appears to be another sign that the Democratic left is desperate to make the midterm elections about anything other than the current problems facing the country, one major progressive organization is focusing on an old nemesis.

Donald Trump.

According to POLITICO, is planning to spend $30 million on midterm races, focusing on “MAGA” — Trump’s “Make America Great Again” philosophy — in a bid to get voters to reject pro-Trump candidates:

MoveOn is pouring $30 million into midterm battles for Congress, governorships and secretaries of state, a badly needed infusion for Democrats facing an uphill battle this fall in a tough political climate.

The progressive organization is rolling out a dozen endorsements in the coming days and pledging to spend millions in several critical swing states, according to details first shared with POLITICO. And the group is framing the race in a very specific fashion: “2022 is about us versus MAGA,” said Rahna Epting, MoveOn’s executive director, using the acronym for former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan that Democrats are seeking to co-opt as an insult for pro-Trump Republicans.

“This election is a choice between all of us who believe in and want to safeguard American democracy so that it works for everyone. And MAGA, which represents the radical right,” Epting said in an interview.

“For us, it’s really being laser-focused on making sure voters understand what’s at stake, and just how great of a risk MAGA has become, and that it’s really become the base of the Republican Party,” Epting continued.

POLITICO notes that the strategy is specifically to not focus on issues facing the country — massive inflation, spiked gasoline and diesel fuel prices, higher food costs, and shortages of baby formula, among others — but rather piggyback on President Joe Biden’s attempt to rebrand Republicans with ‘MAGA’ in an insulting way.

Epting said tying midterm elections to out-of-power former President Donald Trump is a vital political issue: “We need to come together across the political spectrum to defeat this dangerous ideology that is taking hold in the Republican Party.”


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