WATCH: Pelosi Snaps After Top GOP Lawmaker Blames Her Party For Baby Formula Shortage

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasn’t happy after being confronted on Sunday with remarks from one of the chamber’s top Republicans about the current shortage of baby formula.

In a statement, Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York lashed out at Democrats and the Biden administration following reports that the Department of Homeland Security was shipping pallets of formula down to the border for the children of migrants who crossed illegally into the U.S.

“Joe Biden continues to put America LAST by shipping pallets of baby formula to the southern border as American families face empty shelves,” Stefanik wrote on Twitter. “This is unacceptable. American mothers and their babies shouldn’t suffer because of the #BidenBorderCrisis.”

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Pelosi was asked to respond to Stefanik’s remarks in blaming the Biden administration, in part, for the ongoing shortage.

“As usual, her statement is totally irresponsible,” Pelosi responded. “Babies are crying. We need to get them food. And the president has — now what we’re doing this week in the Congress is, again, Bobby Scott, chair of the Education and Labor Committee, that’s the jurisdiction that will lower some of the regulations, et cetera, so that it’s easier to buy it.”

However, she did not directly dispute the accuracy of Stefanik’s remarks, but said that part of the issue was the “supply chain.”


After the interview, Stefanik fired back on Twitter again: “For the lame duck Speaker: Right back at you. ‘As usual, your LEADERSHIP is totally irresponsible. Babies are crying. We need to get them food.’ House Republicans have been leading on this issue while Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have been silent & asleep at the switch.”


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