Elon Musk Has Already Made Twitter Great Again By This One Measure

Elon Musk has not officially gained control over Twitter yet, but in anticipation of his purchase deal going through, the platform has drawn a lot of new attention.

According to , job interest in working at the social media giant has skyrocketed after Musk’s buyout pitch was accepted by the company’s board of directors:

It’s still unclear how a Musk-run Twitter might impact the company’s ability to retain current staff and recruit new employees. The company presented the takeover as a potential threat to its staffing abilities in an SEC filing Monday. 

But at least casual interest in open positions at the company has skyrocketed since the Tesla billionaire showed serious interest in taking over the company. 

On Thursday, Daniel Zhao, a senior economist and data scientist at the job insights platform Glassdoor, tweeted that interest in job openings at the social media giant was up 263% between April 24 and April 30. 

“Some trivia: With the announcement of Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition offer being accepted, interest in Twitter jobs on Glassdoor rose 263 percent last week (4/24-4/30), compared to the March 2022 baseline,” Zhao tweeted.

He followed that up with this: “Well, the above data is made more relevant by today’s news. Say what you will about Elon, he does have a large fanbase of ppl excited to work for him. He’s much more likely to capitalize on that attraction as CEO than owner.”

In a statement to the financial news outlet, Zhao explained that interest is gauged by the number of average daily clicks on Twitter job postings on the platform as compared to daily job click averages in a March 2022 baseline before news broke that SpaceX and Tesla founder Musk was making a play for the social media giant.

And while clicks don’t necessarily translate into actual job applications submitted and may, in part, reflect current media focus on him and his deal, “the increase shows that people appear to be interested not just in the media story, but in work available at the company,” Fortune noted.

Fortune went on to know that a majority of Americans — 59 percent — approve of Musk’s takeover, according to a recent Harris Poll, “some current Twitter staff worry that it will dramatically change the company’s culture, and overall direction.”

That’s likely true if Musk implements he has advertised such as much less censorship and a much greater emphasis on freedom of speech.

On Friday, Musk shared some more of his vision for the platform.

“If Twitter acquisition completes, company will be super focused on hardcore software engineering, design, infosec & server hardware,” he tweeted Friday morning in a post containing a link to the Fortune story.

“I strongly believe that all managers in a technical area must be technically excellent. Managers in software must write great software or it’s like being a cavalry captain who can’t ride a horse!” he added.