Joe Rogan Declares Winner In Press Secretary Showdown: ‘She Took Large Dumps On Jim Acosta’s Head’

Top podcaster Joe Rogan addressed the issue of White House press secretaries during his show on Thursday ahead of the Biden administration’s announcement that current spokesperson Jen Psaki would be departing for a gig at MSNBC later this month.

Rogan compared her to former President Donald Trump’s last press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and to Rogan, there was no contest, saying that McEnany was far more effective in the role.

Rogan sat down with comedian Tony Hinchcliffe for Thursday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and the conversation turned to President Joe Biden and the fact that, especially recently, he appears to be having more and more trouble putting sentences together.

“I feel bad for that Jen Psaki lady. Everybody says she’s shrill in the way she communicates but whatever. Imagine having that job!” Rogan said, adding, “F*** that job, ’cause she has to debate with people more than the president does. She has to go back and forth with the press.”

“And sometimes she says things in confidence but, just like being on a f***ing podcast, sometimes you say things and you think it’s true while you’re saying it. Turns out it’s not and you represent the President of the United States and no one is fact-checking you in real-time it’s all happening live on television,” he added.

“Yikes. F*** that job!” Rogan said. “The only one who was good at it was the lady — last lady with Trump. What’s her name? Kiley …?”

Rogan struggled to pronounce her name, and Hinchcliffe jumped in: “Oh, yeah, she was great. Kayleigh.”

“Kayleigh McEnany! She’s the best,” Rogan said. “She’s the GOAT at that s***. ‘Cause she would have f***ing receipts, she had, like, tabs on her notebook, she would pull right to — like when she knew they were coming with a gotcha.”

“‘Actually, if you would have done your research before asking that question, you would know …’” Hinchcliffe said with a laugh.

“She took large dumps on Jim Acosta’s head,” Rogan said in response. “It’s all this gotcha s***.”

“The press wants to get her and make her look stupid and she wants to show them that she’s the girl boss and ‘I have all the facts,’” Rogan noted further, adding that after months of repeating that she would “circle back” on certain issues, Psaki largely stopped doing that.

“That was her thing, circle back. She doesn’t say that anymore, cause people started making fun of it and also because she didn’t want to circle back,” Rogan said. “She would’ve already circled back on those other things. There was a lot of things she was supposed to circle back on. She probably has a f***ing to-do list that’s a mile long.”

The  starts at about the 30-minute mark.

The White House on Thursday announced deputy White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will be taking over for Psaki following her last day May 13.


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