Far-Left ‘Young Turks’ Host Says She’s ‘Done’ With Dems; Calls Biden ‘Freaking Liar’

One of the personalities on the left-wing digital outlet “The Young Turks” is outraged at Democrats for their inaction in protecting abortion rights after the Supreme Court signaled that the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision would be overturned.

Co-host Ana Kasparian first took shots at Republicans during Tuesday’s broadcast over their opposition to policies such as paid family leave and childcare subsidies while simultaneously also being in favor of rolling back or even banning abortions as she yelled for journalists to “ask them the question!”

“Isn’t it amazing that not one Democrat has shown 1% of the passion Ana has today?” co-host Cenk Uygur asked.

“They don’t care! They’re fine!” Kasparian exclaimed. “They’re all so old, they don’t have to worry about it affecting them and if they’re young enough where it would affect them, they’ll get their abortion, okay? They’re trading their individual stocks enriching themselves, they’re good! They’re good. They don’t care about you. Make sure you understand that you feel it in your bones. They don’t care about you at all.”

“All of that fundraising, all of that canvassing all of that hard work on the ground. They can’t even get a voting rights bill. Passed. There are losers!” Kasparian shouted.

She then gave Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) a backhanded compliment who she said, unlike Democrats “understands power, and he wields it” even if it’s “for evil,” to set up taking shots at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“Hey, Nancy, how’s your refrigerator doing? How’s your luxury ice cream doing, okay? How’s all that going for you?” Kasparian asked the top Democrat. “Listen, all of the bootlickers for the Democratic Party get so upset at me for telling you the truth about how ineffective and pathetic Democratic lawmakers are. Go ahead and cry about it. ‘Oh, but the real enemies are the Republicans.’ At least Republicans tell us exactly who they are.

“They don’t even hide their cards. They tell us exactly who they are and what they’re planning on doing. They scream it from the mountaintops! And what do Democrats do? Do they do anything to prepare for it, to strategize, to ensure that they mitigate the damage that’s done by right-wingers in this country? No, they’re too busy fundraising,” Kasparian .

“Nancy Pelosi’s gonna fundraise! Chuck Schumer. He can’t do away with the filibuster because that would mean that he’d have to apply a little bit of pressure on goons like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. ‘Oh, can’t do that. Can’t do that.'”

She went on to take on President Biden, calling him a “freaking liar” and adding that he does not know if the Executive Branch has the authority to unilaterally cancel student loan debt.

“You don’t know what your job title entitles you to? You don’t know? Why are you president?” she asked. “Why did you nominate an education secretary? What’s the whole point?”

Kasparian also blasted the “massive losers” among establishment Democrats who have blamed progressives for their setbacks because they need “scapegoats” to distract from the fact that they’re “corrupt” “puppets to their corporate donors.”

“If we’re going to sit around and wait for our elected lawmakers to protect us from these religious zealots and these right-wing authoritarians, man we have another thing coming,” Kasparian ranted. “How many times do we need to be disappointed by them? I’m done with them.”

“I don’t speak for everyone in this network., I want to be clear. I’m speaking for myself. I’m done with them. Completely. The Democratic Party, every single one of them, that includes the Squad. I don’t care anymore,” she continued. “They have not delivered! They have not delivered. I’m done. It’s time to organize, create organizations that get women and get people in this country what they need, people who are willing to pick up the slack for these disgusting, feckless, corrupt politicians.”


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